UFC 149 Results: Post-Fight Stock Report

Andrew Saunders@SaundersMMACorrespondent IIJuly 22, 2012

UFC 149 Results: Post-Fight Stock Report

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    While UFC 149 wasn't the fight card that we originally expected, there were some fighters who made the best of a bad situation.

    Some fighters on excellent winning streaks would fall for the first time in years, while one tasted gold for the first time in his career.

    There were big-time upsets on the scorecards, but also some fights that didn't come off smelling like a rose.

    Here's the post-fight stock report for each fighter from UFC 149.

Ryan Jimmo: Skyrocketing

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    Coming into the UFC on a big winning streak, there was already some excitement behind the once-defeated Ryan Jimmo. Only seven seconds into his UFC career, he had already earned his first victory and scored a Knockout of the Night bonus in the process.

    Few stars come out of the gate with such an impressive win in their first showing, however, it does remind us of heavyweight Todd Duffee, who also scored a seven second knockout in his UFC debut back at UFC 102.

Anthony Perosh: Falling

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    In 2006, Perosh lost a pair of fights in the UFC heavyweight division. In 2010, the Aussie returned as a late-notice replacement and lost a third fight under the Zuffa banner. 

    Because Perosh took the fight on short notice, he was given another opportunity to show his worth. Dropping down to light-heavyweight, the 40 year-old would win three straight via stoppage to climb in the rankings.

    Losing last night in only seven seconds, Perosh may have just been beaten into retirement.

Nick Ring: Climbing

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    Now 13-1 in the MMA career, Nick Ring scored a big win last night in his native Canada when he won a unanimous decision against Ultimate Fighter winner Court McGee. 

    Ring defeated McGee on the reality show, however dropped out of the tournament due to a knee injury, while McGee went on to win the show. With a solid performance, Ring is doing a good job of making us forget about his loss to Tim Boetsch last September.

Court McGee: Plummeting

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    Once the owner of a 3-0 record inside the Octagon, TUF winner Court McGee has dropped his last two fights in the UFC. While there was some doubt as to the legitimacy of Nick Ring's victory over McGee on the eleventh season of the reality program, last night, the Canadian left little room for question with a unanimous decision victory.

    McGee was hoping to rebound from a close loss to Costa Philippou back in March. Instead, he finds himself losing consecutive fights for the first time in his 13-3 career. 

Chris Clements: Falling

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    Chris Clements overcame adversity in a bout with Keith Wisniewski to score a victory in his UFC debut. Last night, however, he was outclassed by Matt Riddle, and exposed for having a sub-par ground game.

    Early in the fight, Clements ate a body blow that appeared to connect on the liver. Riddle charged in to finish, but referee Josh Rosenthal erroneously believed that Clements had buckled from a low blow, and gave the Canadian an opportunity to recover briefly.

    The lucky break didn't change the outcome of the fight, as Riddle would score an arm-triangle submission in the third round to earn the victory.

Matt Riddle: Climbing

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    Riddle earned 10 points in my book for showing up to the weigh ins looking like Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. Aside from that, his Submission of the Night performance against Chris Clements was the best that we've seen "Deep Waters" look. 

    At 26 years old, Riddle has 10 fights in the UFC and has won seven of them. Now riding a small wave of momentum, Riddle will look to win his third consecutive fight in his next appearance.

James Head: Climbing

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    James Head defeated the tough-as-nails Brian Ebersole last night, but did not look good in the process. Perhaps it was the flawed gameplan of Ebersole that led to the lackluster performance; however, the only thing that really matters is which man had his hand raised at the end of the night.

    Shutting down the takedown of Ebersole was the key to his success, as Head was able to avoid the dangerous submission and ground and pound game of his opponent to earn a big upset.

Brian Ebersole: Plummeting

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    On a side note, do you see what kind of half-assed "hairrow" we get when Ebersole takes a fight on short notice? Apparently, well-groomed chest hair is the power source of the man who fights out of Phuket. 

    To the home audience, it looked as if Ebersole has pitiful wrestling and a telegraphed double-leg takedown, as James Head was able to sprawl in every instance. However, Ebersole is very difficult to choke, and was trying to pull Head into his web by serving up his neck on a platter.

    Head refused to take the submission-flavored bait that Ebersole left out for him like cookies for Santa Claus, and "The White Anderson Silva" couldn't do enough in the standup portion of the fight to earn a victory. 

    Losing to such an underdog sends Ebersole plummeting from his place on the welterweight ladder.

Cheick Kongo: Falling

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    Did Cheick Kongo win last night? He sure did. However, the man who was once considered a title contender after a 2007 win over Mirko Cro Cop should have been able to impose his will on the inexperienced Shawn Jordan.

    Instead, Kongo spent a good portion of his evening held up against the cage, had little control during the fight, and collapsed in exhaustion at the sound of the final bell.

    It was not a good performance for the Frenchman who wants to fight for a world title before retiring. In fact, it could have been the worst UFC fight of 2012.

Shawn Jordan: Plummeting

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    Shawn Jordan had some hype behind him as we entered UFC 149. In a peculiar decision, oddsmakers actually offered up Jordan as a betting favorite over the 17-time UFC veteran Kongo. 

    When the action began, Jordan looked to impose a Randy Couture-esque gameplan by working his opponent up against the cage and wearing him down. Unfortunately, the 27 year old fullback tired himself out in the process, and couldn't put up much of a fight in the last two rounds.

    Dana White was said to be embarrassed by the fights on the main card, and we've got to think that Jordan had a major role in that. Don't be surprised to see the "Savage" handed a pink slip on Monday morning.

Hector Lombard: Plummeting

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    Like the great Fedor Emelianenko, the stock of Hector Lombard rode on the shoulders of his incredible winning streak and championship accomplishments outside of the UFC.

    Also like Fedor, a disappointing loss is all it takes to see the world turn on you immediately. Fans and journalists alike are throwing Lombard under the bus and referring to him as a big fish in the small pond that is Bellator. I choose to reserve my judgment for now.

    Lombard looked drained, and moved very little through his 15-minute fight. If you noticed, the Bellator standout came out to the cage wearing four layers of clothing, but didn't appear to have a drop of sweat on him. If I had to guess, Lombard stepped into the cage under the weather last night, and did what he could to make the best of it.

    In my opinion, Lombard won that fight with his powerful counter-striking, takedown defense and control. Tim Boetsch spent a large amount of the fight moving backwards and couldn't score substantially at any point in time.

    However, a loss is a loss, and Lombard couldn't afford to lose last night by any means.

Tim Boetsch: Steady

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    A win over another top 10 opponent and Tim Boetsch remains steady? It's hard to call Boetsch much of a winner after his performance at UFC 149. In fact, more than half of you stated in a poll that you do not agree with the decision made in the evening's co-main event.

    Boetsch may not have deserved the win, but he certainly got one. Historically, that is what's going to matter when determining his place in the rankings. However, with names like Bisping, Sonnen, Weidman and Belcher ahead of him in contention, a performance like that is not going to raise your stock.

Urijah Faber: Falling

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    Urijah Faber's hopes at winning another championship may have just been dashed for good. Now a paltry 5-5 in his last 10 fights, the UFC has got to see that Faber simply isn't the best fighter in any of the lighter weight classes.

    For those of you keeping score at home, all five of Faber's losses have come in title fights. Losses to Mike Brown (x2), Jose Aldo, Dominick Cruz and now Renan Barao have kept "The California Kid" away from being The California Champ.

    Looks like now is the time to relegate him to interesting matchups with stars of the bantamweight and featherweight divisions, similar to how Rich Franklin has spent the last three years of his career.

Renan Barao: Climbing

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    While Urijah Faber had a good point in suggesting that the wins on Barao's record were against less than stellar competition, the Nova Uniao prodigy had little trouble in dispatching of the former world champion in his first UFC main event.

    Utilizing a gameplan that was heavy on leg-kicks, it appeared that Barao had studied tape of his teammate Jose Aldo dominating Faber with the same tactic back in 2010.

    Barao has seen an amazing ascent to the top since joining the WEC roster only two years ago. Now with a championship to his name, it looks like we finally have an interim champion who is willing to defend his belt.