Dan Snyder Limits Redskins' Potential

Keegan ConradContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

Dan Snyder is a businessman—he loves to make money.  Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins—he loves to win.  Dan Snyder has made lots of money—the Redskins haven't won lots of games.  Where did he go wrong? 

There are a lot of answers.  Poor coaching, poor drafting, and quality in the division are among them. However, the No. 1 reason the Redskins continue to be an average to below-average team is because Dan Snyder has a money-first attitude.

I know his proponents—all four of them—will say he has spent gobs of cash on the team, so therefore, he must love the 'Skins more then the 'Fins (slang for a $5 bill). However, all those "purchases" were designed to make money, not pile up wins.  Deion Sanders, Adam Archuleta, and even the sacred cow Joe Gibbs were brought in to make the off-season, Redskin season.

Snyder's approach is "create a buzz, and they will come."  Here's the problem—his act is wearing thin.  Pretty soon, the Redskins will stop making money, and they still won't win.  When that happens, let's all hope Danny Boy sells to someone who loves the 'Skins above all else.  Then—and only then—they have a chance to get back to glory.