Julius Peppers Is a Monnolian Grill Master

Allen LoppCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

Julius Peppers has decided to part ways with the Carolina Panthers after a horrible loss to the Super Bowl runner-ups. Now if you want to leave I can't stop you, but to play outside linebacker in a 3-4? WTF (excuse my French)? I really don't understand why you would want to leave Carolina? I think that we can only get better with the Rush and Crush combo and a defense that is only going to get better with time. But now we have to start over on defense becasue Pepppers is the cornerstone of are defense.

Now, I have come up with solutions.

  1. Fire John Fox, hire Bill Cowher, Personally i really like this one because i don't agree with some of the decisions that he makes like the Playoff game. You don't have to come out and throw and throw and throw when we have been running the all year and that is how we have won.
  2. Sign Jordan Gross to a long term deal, Franchise Tag Peppers, trade him for a first and third round pick. Then draft Brain Orakpo, sign Albert Haynesworth. If somehow we could come up with the money this would be nice because then we could have two big DT's that would dominate the line.
  3. Tag Gross,let peppers leave. Call it quits and restart and try to find a way to sign or trade for a QB. Matt Cassel would be really nice but i do know that is almost impossiable.