Lakers Rumors: LA Should Wait Until Dwight Howard Hits Free Agency

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJuly 21, 2012

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You can't trust a flip-flopper.

Dwight Howard loves the spotlight. He loves to be the center of attention. He loves to throw curveballs to multiple organizations.

His latest twist comes from his agent, who says that Howard would still test free agency even if the Lakers landed the center, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

What a crock.

This latest example of Howard's need to be in the headlines should turn Los Angeles off until free agency 2013. Only then will NBA organizations see what he truly wants for his future.

Here are three reasons why the Lakers should forget about Howard until he tests free agency.

Current team is capable of winning NBA championship

To be fair, this season was one where I consistently stated that the Lakers couldn't win a championship. But now, with Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison, the Lakers are more capable of winning a championship.

Jamison brings a viable sixth man option, something the Lakers have been searching for since trading Lamar Odom to Dallas. He has averaged 19 points per game in his career and 17 last year in Cleveland.

His scoring production will be a major plus for the Lakers this season.

Nash provides quality point guard play. He will help several Lakers have career years with his ability to dish the basketball. Nash still has two or three quality years left in him.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol are two seven-foot big men with great offensive skill. If they can play enough defense under Mike Brown, the Lakers will be right where they need to be defensively.

And we all know what Kobe Bryant brings to the table.

Howard could leave Los Angeles

Imagine trading Andrew Bynum, 24, to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three-way deal to land Howard, only to watch D12 walk away after the season.

It would be devastating.

Los Angeles might as well forget about Bryant winning another title in his tenure, because it wouldn't happen without Bynum or Howard.

Look at what Howard did to Orlando—he basically destroyed an entire franchise with his indecisiveness. Not only would Howard be a distraction for the entire season, but he could also put a dent into the organization by leaving.

I would like to believe Bryant would be able to slow Howard's role a little bit, but you never know from what we have seen over the past year. Anything is possible.

Waiting until 2013 NBA Free Agency could still land Howard

If Howard wants to play in Los Angeles, he will sign the deal. If Howard wants to be in the spotlight, there isn't one bigger than being in a Lakers' uniform.

By attempting to sign Howard, Bynum would still be on the table as a possible option, too. The Lakers could really push for something special in 2013 if they wait on Howard.

Obviously, landing Howard and trading Bynum would make the Lakers favorites in the Western Conference, but the risk is too great to take at this point without a strong commitment for the future.

Waiting on free agency to sign Howard would be the right call to make. He's too up-and-down in his thoughts, and I'm starting to believe that he enjoys throwing off organization after organization.

You can't trust a player like that.