Great Britain vs. Brazil: Loss Is Beneficial for Brits Heading into London

Scott CarasikContributor IIJuly 21, 2012

The Great Britian team will only go as far as Giggs can lead them.
The Great Britian team will only go as far as Giggs can lead them.Julian Finney/Getty Images

Great Britain lost to Brazil 2-0 in their first preliminary game for the 2012 Olympics.

However, this is just the wake-up call the Brits needed to start a medal-winning run.

The British team was completely out-matched in their game versus Brazil. They got smacked right in the mouth, and it was more than needed, as they unable all game long to get out of their own way. As an extremely young team, the wake-up call will help them mature in their first big international competitions of their lives.

The loss shows exactly how the Brits were currently outmatched.

However, there is nothing like an underdog spirit of a home team to lead them to victory. For the Brits to claim their own version of the Miracle on Ice, they will have to use the lessons learned from this drubbing. Skysports noted that the Brazilians just outclassed the Brits:

Just what Team GB boss Stuart Pearce was able to glean from an intensely difficult evening is debatable, but his players were left in little doubt as to the standards they will have to reach if they are to figure at the business end of the Olympic tournament.

Pearce should be able to see that he has a lot of young, raw talent. Outside of team captain Ryan Giggs and the veteran Craig Bellamy, there isn't a player on Great Britain's team over 23 years old. The 38-year-old Giggs will have to make sure that his team learns from its embarrassing loss to Brazil, to take the setback as a growing experience.

But that's his job as captain. 

Expect them to finally turn in a medal-winning performance at this year's Olympic games. They will rely on a pair of vastly talented goaltenders who held a team that was living on their side of the field to just two goals.

They also have one of the more athletic teams in the Olympics and two of the better veterans in Giggs and Bellamy.

While they may not win the gold, there is no reason for a newly humbled but talented team to miss out on a medal. 


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