Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Are An Embarrassment to the NHL

Tyler Hill@@tyler_hillVPAnalyst IApril 9, 2017

Well, Leafs fans, congratulations! We are now the most pathetic asshole fans in the league.

In Tuesday night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres, Justin Pogge made his home ice debut at the NHL level. It was only Pogge’s fourth NHL game and it was, unfortunately, against the Sabres, who are tied for fifth in the Eastern Conference.

How was our 22-year-old goalie welcomed to Toronto ice? By a series of jeers and sarcastic cheers whenever he made an easy save.

I am absolutely disgusted as a Leafs fan. I am embarrassed to be a Leafs fan, and I'm ashamed of my fellow “fans” who thought this was acceptable. A 22-year-old in his fourth game had this done to him by these “fans” that are supposed to be supporting him.

How the hell is his confidence supposed to grow when his fans are doing that to him? You cannot be a successful goalie in this league without confidence.

Fact is, the Leafs are rebuilding now. So what exactly do these people want from Pogge? A goalie with as little experience as he has needs support from his team, mainly defense (which the Leafs don’t have), to play well. Even goalies with experience need support from their teams.

Toronto fans are going to ruin Justin Pogge’s career in the NHL, or at least drive him to another team, where he will become one of the best goalies in the league. Why? Because the fans in another city will give him room to develop into the goalie he should be...and is completely capable of being in Toronto, if these fans will get off his back and let him play the game, instead of being such assholes to the kid.

Leafs fans at this game or that participated in this jeers at home (if you were doing this at home, get a life, because no one can hear you) should be disgusted with themselves. In no way at all was this helping Pogge to become a better player for the future when we really need a goalie to lead us to and through the playoffs.

So, to you “fans,” congratulations. You have really shown your true colors to the world of hockey. Your performance the other night was an embarrassment to any self-respecting and true hockey fan.

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