Big Ten Football Tweets of the Week: Michigan State's Video Boards Are Coming

Adam JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterJuly 20, 2012

Photo via @j_kard51
Photo via @j_kard51

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One of the biggest infrastructure improvements in the Big Ten this year comes from Michigan State, which is completely overhauling its video screens. Michigan State had been closer to the bottom of the pack in the Big Ten, but that's every bit as related to the exploding popularity—and size—of video equipment as any negligence on Michigan State's part.

Thus, the "secondary" video boards Michigan State is bringing in are about as big as most main video boards in BCS-level college football would have been, oh, 10 years ago or so. So MSU's likely set until at least 2017, by which time they'll be making entire stadiums out of scoreboard. Just you wait.   

At any rate, one Spartan fan was on a stadium tour of Spartan Stadium and tweeted out some pictures of the new boards. They're looking good!


@ChrisVannini Excuse the purple lines. The lighting was a bit for my iPod to handle…

— Joey Kardynal (@j_kard51) July 20, 2012


And again: they're the smaller boards. The big one, pictured at the top of the post, is still in the process of being assembled.

Word to Illini offensive leaders Ryan Lankford and Donnovon Young: Photo sessions are serious business, and all this clowning around and carrying on will not be tolerated.


Clowin' with @illinidy at the photoshoot lol

— Ryan Lankford (@Playmaka3x4) July 18, 2012


We're kidding, we're kidding. Have your fun wherever you can find it.

We don't know where Silas Redd got a hold of this phone, but we're not completely inclined to believe his explanation for it:


Zordich's celly lol

— Si Redd (@MomentOfSilas25) July 19, 2012


That said: If that really is Michael Zordich's actual phone, that is awesome and where can we got one? Seriously. Zach Morris swag is so in right now.

Finally, MarQueis Gray has had a bit of a rough go of his career. He's been turning it around and his 2012 season should be his most successful in college—hell, it might even garner him some NFL attention—but if we're trying to figure out why he hasn't been great in a Gopher uniform as yet, it doesn't exactly take Dr. House to make the breakthrough diagnosis here:


If only I could drink water as much as I drink sprite...I'd be unstoppable lol

— MarQueis Gray(@goldengopherqb5) July 16, 2012


Buddy. Buddy, buddy, buddy.

Soda is horrible for you. Soda's good for one thing, and that's for mixing with mediocre liquor. Not that we recommend that, either. You hear that, kids? Don't drink! Stay in school! Drinking is for weirdos and losers only! This has been a public service announcement from Bleacher Report dot com. Thanks and happy weekend!