Griffey's Return is Complete: No. 24 Hangs in Griffey's Locker in Peoria

Matt BakerContributor IFebruary 19, 2009

The excitement over the acquisition of Ken Griffey Jr. by the Seattle Mariners has reverberated throughout the Pacific Northwest for the last 19 hours.

The hero of Seattle has returned, and even though the team may not turn out to be the 2008 Rays, Junior in a Mariners' uniform brings optimism to a team that lost 101 games last year.

The question that I (and no doubt many others) have been asking is whether Junior will wear No. 24 or stick with No. 3, as he had in Cincinnati.

Worry no longer Griffey fans.

According to an article posted on the Seattle Mariners' website, No. 24 hangs in the locker room in Peoria, under the name plate that hasn't been seen since 1999—GRIFFEY.

No. 24 will once again stride through the outfield in Safeco Field. No. 24 will once again step up to the plate and hit a ball into the second deck. No. 24, Ken Griffey Jr., will once again play for the Seattle Mariners.

Griffey's excellence in execution will be just what the Seattle Mariners need as they build toward winning once again.

Junior, no matter how well you do, this will be spectacular. We don't care if you save the team, hit 398 more home runs, or fall flat on your face. You're back, and that's what matters.

Rejoice Seattle, for the prodigal Kid has returned!