Top 8 Picks Luck, Barron Avoid Offset Language in Contracts; Will Blackmon?

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Top 8 Picks Luck, Barron Avoid Offset Language in Contracts; Will Blackmon?

After Robert Griffin III signed his rookie deal with no offset language, it was assumed that the rest of the top eight picks waiting to sign their contracts would get their deals done and get into training camp on time.

Offset language, which allows a team to recoup guaranteed money from a subsequent team if a player is cut before the term of his contract is up, was also not in No. 9 pick Luke Kuechly's deal.

So far, things are right on schedule, with No. 1 pick Andrew Luck signing a deal without offset language on Thursday, and No. 7 pick Mark Barron signing a deal without offset language on Friday. 

It would only be fair for the rest of the picks to sign deals without offset language. That is, if they haven't given their team a good reason to look for assurances that they can compensated if the player is a bust.

The Jacksonville Jaguars' No. 5 pick Justin Blackmon did just that when he was arrested for aggravated DWI with a blood alcohol level of .24 last month.

The Jaguars are likely looking for other protective language in addition to offset language because this was Blackmon's second DWI and it raises the strong possibility of him not being able to control his behavior off of the table. 

With the new collective bargaining agreement giving teams little wiggle room in rookie salaries, it looked like holdouts into training camp would become a thing of the past. Justin Blackmon might have found a way to revive them.

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