Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith Headed Back to OKC after Tyson Chandler Trade Rescinded

Greg EvansCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

The winds of change stopped last night for thousands of Thunder fans. Their savior of the paint has been sent back to the Big Easy.


Yes, Thunder faithful, Tyson Chandler is headed back to New Orleans and Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith are coming back to Oklahoma City. Chandler failed a physical and he was deemed unhealthy.


What does this mean for the Thunder? In a word, drama.


The Thunder locker room now has two players whose departures were cheered by the fans. How will Smith and Wilcox react to being back?


Before the trade, Wilcox was already hoping to be traded because of his diminished role in the team's game plan. It would not be surprising if Smith asked for his contract to be bought out so that he could sign with a contender.


Will these two players be able to put the Oklahoma blue and red/orange back on (or orange/red depending on what part of the state you are from)? Or will there be a rift in the OKC locker room? Only time will tell.


Where do we go from here?


The trade deadline is in less than two hours from when I submit this article. That isn't much time to negotiate trades with other general managers throughout the league. After the trade, Oklahoma City pulled its name out of many of the serious trade talks and now it has to try moving one of its strong veteran players.


I will be severely disappointed if the Thunder's front office isn't able to bring in another solid role player to shore up the bench.