Buffalo Bills: A Theme Song for 5 Key Players

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIJuly 20, 2012

Buffalo Bills: A Theme Song for 5 Key Players

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    The Buffalo Bills made a rapid turn-around with an impressive 2012 offseason. They quickly became contenders with a smart draft and savvy signings. Now all that's left to do is play ball.

    This quick list is a fun look at some characteristics of Bills players. The chosen song represents something unique to the individual athlete, but demonstrates it in a entertaining way.

    So while this is supposed to be a quick, fun and entertaining slideshow, each song actually has some value and meaning for the player.

    Here are theme songs for a few Buffalo Bills heading into the 2012 NFL season.

Brad Smith

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    Song: Don't You (Forget About Me)

    Artist: Simple Minds


    This song is a perfect fit for Brad Smith in Buffalo. The Bills signed Smith to a four-year $15 million contract prior to the 2011 season. However, Smith was a huge non-factor for the Bills.

    He caught only 23 passes for 240 yards and a score, though he was only used as a wideout late in the season. His main usage in Buffalo was to rush in third and short situations. In only 20 carries, Smith had 87 yards and a score. And his only pass was intercepted.

    Smith didn't get a chance to shine as a returner like he did in New York. The wildcat was extremely one-dimensional with Smith as he would pick up a yard or two on third down every time. Smith had been working exclusively as a quarterback this offseason, but Vince Young was added to the mix.

    So at the end of the day, the Bills better not lose sight of Smith and his football abilities. They are solid at the quarterback and running back positions. Smith hasn't really been getting too much work as a receiver. So hopefully Smith doesn't get lost in the mix and forgotten about.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    Song: Under Pressure

    Artist: Queen


    Not many NFL players will find themselves under as much pressure as Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will in 2012. The Bills rewarded Fitz with a $59 million contract, and he has hardly lived up to expectations since the contract was signed.

    The Bills are considered to be on the verge of a long-awaited playoff appearance. And with the expectations, the responsibility ultimately falls onto Fitzpatrick's shoulders. If the Bills win games, he's a hero. If they struggle, fans might call for Vince Young.

    So regardless of how the Bills do in 2012, all of the pressure is on their quarterback. Will he crumble with the spotlight? Will he rise up and lead Buffalo to the promise land? Who knows.

    But one thing is certain: the man will be under pressure all season long. (And hopefully not due to the offensive line!)

Stevie Johnson

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    Song: Lights and Sounds

    Artist: Yellowcard


    Stevie Johnson is probably the biggest threat in the Bills' offense. He is the game-changer in the passing game. Revis Island does not apply to Johnson, as he continually beats the game's elite cornerback.

    But Johnson also loves to put on a show.

    This song is about absorbing the moment. Johnson can shine in the spotlight and be the difference in a ball game. If he can live for the moment and make the most of every game, he can be a great wideout while still being a great entertainer.

    Johnson will have a huge opportunity to help the Bills' playoff pursuit in 2012. He needs to soak up where he came from and all the hard work that led him to where he is today. If he can soak up the lights and sounds of every game day and stay motivated, he can really be a major threat in Buffalo's offense.

George Wilson

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    Song: How Far We've Come

    Artist: Matchbox Twenty


    Though there are many different interpretations of this song, defensive back George Wilson deserves a good chance to look back and see how far he's come.

    Wilson entered the league as an undrafted wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. After being cut, the Bills added Wilson and converted him to safety. He made his NFL debut in 2005 and had a breakout year in 2009. He started 12 games and recorded 103 tackles, two sacks and four interceptions. In 2011, he recorded 106 tackles and four picks.

    In his first start, he had a pick-six off Tony Romo on Monday Night Football. He has blossomed into one of the game's most well-rounded and consistent safeties. Not bad for a guy who thought he would be catching, not intercepting, passes in the NFL.

    Wilson and Bills fans should really admire where Wilson came from and how much hard work was required to make him the great player he is today.

Mario Williams

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    Song: Monster

    Artist: Skillet


    The Bills spent a fortune on Mario Williams because they need him to slam quarterbacks to the turf.

    Well they got quite a monster.

    Williams is arguably a top-3 defensive linemen in the game. He was the best free agent and is feared because he can explode off the line and make plays. He shows extreme athleticism and is a complete game-changer.

    His size, speed and strength makes him a freak and strikes fear into any quarterback's eyes.

    So Buffalo can breathe a sigh of relief. The monster will be slaying every quarterback he confronts in 2012, except for his own, Ryan Fitzpatrick.