Footballers' Club Moving Is Ridiculous

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Footballers' Club Moving Is Ridiculous

It is such a shame to see footballers moving clubs so often. It seems that moving from a club to another has become a natural  habit as ordinary as changing underwears.

The English Premier League might be the clearest proof of the great amounts of cash  that has taken over the game that are being spent by billionaire foreign owners.

But the English Premier League is not the only league that has witnessed its players change clubs quickly. Players from Serie A and La Liga have also been moving clubs a little bit too often.

Since today, it seems that transferring clubs too often is seen as a professional move to go further with a footballer's career, I will not be writing about moving clubs from the moral angle.

Let us focus on the professional side of the story. How is it benefiting players' careers to move clubs two times a year?

A good example is Robbie Keane moved to Liverpool in July 2008 from Tottenham and then moved back to North London six months later.

Surely the media plays a grand role in unsettling players when journals criticize players for failing to find their good, old form. And players seem to lack the patience, discipline and composure needed to reach their potential after moving to a new club.

Adapting to a new city, new teammates and a new lifestyle needs a good amount of time. But apparently players do not seem to have the tolerance needed to realize their potentials.

Many players refuse to sit on the bench for a couple of matches before being fielded as part of the starting lineup. When they sit out a match, media outlets hurry to cover their "dissatisfaction" and therefore unsettle them even more.

This is what happening currently with Real Madrid's January signing Klass Jan Huntelaar. The Dutch striker, who signed from Ajax only a month ago, is being linked with a move away from Madrid.

He is "reportedly" already "sick" with the "lack of first-team football", and he's been at Santiago Bernabeu for only a month with one of the best clubs in the world!

Every on-form player is misquoted for wanting a move away from his club and even the great players like Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are linked with moves to other clubs when they are great stars already playing for great clubs!

Messi and Ronaldo have collected plenty of honors with their clubs and are yet listed as "wantaways." Why? Because the media wants to excite the readers over the worthless news.

But the worthless news is unsettling players and causing the football world no good.

Moving clubs too often is an awful trend in modern-day football. It does no good to the clubs involved nor do these transfers benefit the players who are moving clubs so often.

Ronaldo can be a legendary figure at Old Trafford and can be as great of a legend-or even greater than Roy Keane. He can be seen as United's Maldini! But it seems money has taken over the world. There is no more emotional ties whatsoever between the player and his club.

So, to all unfaithful players, do not kiss your club's shirt when you score goals! Bring cash along and kiss the Euro sign, that would show your feelings toward football  and clubs more clearly.

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