TNA Impact Wrestling Live: Total Nonstop Anarchy: Aries vs. Roode and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 20, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with Bound for Glory Series frontrunner James Storm. He congratulated Austin Aries and called the Aces and Eights cowards. He then challenged Kurt Angle, but Angle didn't come out.

It was soon revealed that Angle was taken out backstage by the Aces and Eights. Storm was solid on the mic as he delivered a good promo. If it wasn't for his feud with Roode, I'd say that he'd be on Sting's side come the conclusion of the Aces and Eights storyline.

As for the group, their actions keep getting more and more interesting. They first targeted TNA Hall of Famer Sting. They then attacked wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, and now they have gone after another wrestling veteran in Kurt Angle.

Looking at this opening segment, and last week's show, it seems likes the Aces and Eights are targeting the veterans in TNA. That theory would get blown out of the water as the night progressed, though.


Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero: Bound for Glory Series

Samoa Joe picked up 10 points after making Dinero tap out. Those 10 points have put Samoa Joe back in the top spot with 47 points, ahead of James Storm's 43 points.

This was a decent match that featured some nice action. The match felt rushed to me, so that kind of took away from the contest. I'm glad to see Samoa Joe back in the lead as he is way too talented to be dead last like he was last year.

With the inevitable Roode/Storm match, my pick when this thing started was Storm; but, my mind is beginning to change. Samoa Joe is being booked quite strongly and with Aries as world champion, having Storm win wouldn't make sense if he remained champion after Hardcore Justice.

Storm vs. Roode doesn't necessarily need the title as the feud is a personal one. The belt is just an added bonus. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory? That has a very good ring to it.

I'm surprised Dinero isn't doing better in the series with The Dark Knight Rises coming out this week. The Pope's part may be very small, but it's something that TNA could take full advantage of. A TNA wrestler with a bit part in what is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time? I'd be marketing the heck out of that!

Dinero is good in the ring as well, and while I highly doubt he'd win the series, he could put on very good matches if given the chance.

Earlier, Bobby Roode kept saying that Austin Aries' victory was a fluke. When asked about the Aces and Eights, Roode dodged the question. Well that was certainly interesting. Roode either doesn't want to get involved by talking about them, or he's leading the Aces and Eights. I'm quite curious to see where this ends up.


Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E: Bound for Glory Series

Robbie picked up five points after Hardy was counted out. Much like the previous match, this one seemed rushed. I liked Robbie’s intensity during the match, though. He's been tied for last place since the first matches in the series and he recognized that. He wanted to make a statement against a former WWE and TNA world champion.

While the victory was by count out, a win is a win, especially when points are on the line. I'm glad he finally made it on the board, since having someone with zero points is like saying they're the weakest link of 12 of the top guys in the company.

Hardy was Hardy, which wasn't good or bad. I did like that he went after Rob Terry, though. Terry getting involved in Robbie's matches can get tiresome at times, so seeing someone finally call him out on his actions was good to see.

Backstage, Eric Young appeared as he and ODB were reunited. Young was away filming a television show while ODB was waiting for beer and fried chicken the whole time.

Now that Young is back, I hope to see him and ODB lose the Knockout's Tag Team Championship. With all of the women on the roster who don't get used, having a man as one half of one of their titles has to be insulting.

I want to see them lose the belts and for ODB to get back to singles competition.

Remaining backstage, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian didn't know what proof Claire Lynch had, but said that A.J. Styles should own up to his mistake.

I still think that Daniels is behind this whole thing. Either he is the father and is paying her off to say it was Styles, or she doesn't know who the father is, but Daniels is still paying her to say it was him.

I can see this "proof" being some DNA test they magically got without Styles' DNA.

Sam Shaw made his way out to compete in Gut Check, and after a short promo, he was attacked by the Aces and Eights. Things just took a whole new turn here. The theory of targeting the veterans is now out the window as they attacked someone who has nothing to do with TNA.

It seems like no one is safe from this group and I can't wait to see who they go after next!


Mr. Anderson vs. A.J. Styles: Bound for Glory Series

Anderson picked up seven points after reversing the Styles Clash into a pinfall. I thought this was a good match that featured a lot of nice action and some good mat-based wrestling during parts of the contest.

Anderson and Styles work really well together and it showed here. At one point I thought this match was going to go the whole 15-minute time limit, thus ending in a draw and two points for each wrestler. While a draw would have shown how even these two men were, I'm glad it ended decisively.

Anderson has been at the top of his game since the series started and is really impressing me in the ring. Styles is always impressive, but his current storyline is hindering him in the standings.

Speaking of that, Claire Lynch appeared in the crowd with a microphone and had proof. She showed pictures of a passed out Styles with Claire lying on top of him.

Cell phone pictures are hardly proof that Styles is the father. All that proves is that they might have spent a night together. As Claire described it, they both got drunk, but if you look at the photos, Claire didn't really look drunk. Styles certainly did, but Claire didn't.

What I think happened is this: Claire drugged Styles and Daniels took the pictures. While this all seems like a bad episode of Maury and Jerry Springer, the storyline is getting more interesting.

Backstage, Styles was confusedly looking at the photos. If I didn't remember something like that, I'd be a bit confused as well. Then again, he certainly wouldn't remember anything if he was drugged.


Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels: Bound for Glory Series

Daniels picked up seven points after he rolled up RVD when he missed Rolling Thunder. I thought this was a decent match that featured a bit of nice action. It kind of abruptly ended, so that took away from the match. Like a few of the earlier BFGS matches, this also felt rushed.

Since his heel turn, Daniels has been great in the ring and on the mic, so I was happy to see him move up in points. He's had many stints with TNA, but this current one has by far been his best. TNA would be crazy not to give him a run with the World Heavyweight Championship somewhere down the line.

With the great job he's been doing over the past year, he certainly deserves it.

Van Dam was nothing too special as he was just RVD. I think that he really needs to change up his arsenal a bit as his matches can get repetitive.

Backstage, Austin Aries said he was no fluke, but something like Roode retaining at Lockdown was a fluke. He then found the Aces and Eights playing cards to end the segment.

Aries gave a solid promo here, but I'm sure glad he'll be wrestling. He hasn't wrestled on Impact Wrestling since the Ultimate X match a few weeks before Destination X. It was about time he got back into the ring, especially now that he's the world champion.

As for the playing cards, they add fuel to the fire that Roode could be their leader. While Sam Shaw has nothing to do with Roode, the people that have been attacked so far are connected to the former champion in some way.

Brooke Hogan was then on the phone with Mike Tenay and Taz. She said Hulk had multiple surgeries, but that she didn't want to talk. If you didn't want to talk then why did you call? Or if they called you, then why did you pick up?

I fear that Hogan being attacked is going to lead to the Hulkster getting back into the ring. I'm a big Hulkamaniac and have been since the day I started watching wrestling all those years ago, but I do not want to see him back in the squared circle.

Backstage, Joseph Park offered Garrett Bischoff legal representation, but Bischoff wanted to know what the deal was about last week. Park said that he stood up for himself and that the Black Hole Slam was indeed delivered by him.

I was hoping for a bigger update than that, but I'll take it. Fans saw a glimpse of Abyss inside Joseph Park last week after his match with Bully Ray, which would indicate that Park is Abyss. While I do like the storyline, I want to see it resolved soon as I want to see Abyss back.


Bully Ray vs. Magnus

Bully Ray finally got on the board with seven points after hitting the Bubba Cutter. I enjoyed this match as I thought it was a good one. There wasn't much wrestling, but there was plenty of fighting.

These two brawlers went at each other big time, especially towards the end when they were just trading punches to the face. Magnus sometimes doesn't get the respect he deserves. The man has shown that he's a good wrestler on multiple occasions, and he showed that he can brawl with the best of them as well.

In TNA, Bully Ray is probably one of the best brawlers they got, and for Magnus to hold his own against him shows a lot about the British superstar.

Bully Ray has been impressing since adopting his bully character. It was mic work at first, but he evolved into having very good matches with the likes of Styles, Anderson and Abyss. He continues to deliver in both aspects and he has progressed so well at both that I feel he should get a run with the world title.

Even if it's a short, one-month reign, the Bully should be given the opportunity to shine at the top.

A video hyping next week's TNA debut of Chavo Guerrero was then shown. While I figured him joining TNA was inevitable, I thought that it would happen sooner. I am happy to see him join the company, though.

I think he still has a lot to offer and could really add to the roster. Whether he's put into the X-Division or paired up with Hernandez, Guerrero is a great addition to TNA.


Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

The result of the match was never announced as the Aces and Eights appeared to attack Aries. Since the world champion was the one that was attacked, I'd assume that Aries won by disqualification.

The match itself was very good as both wrestlers went back-and-forth throughout the entire match. This wasn't as good as their encounter at Destination X, but they still put on a show for the fans.

Both Aries and Roode are two of the best in TNA and very well may be two of the best in the business overall. Every match they're involved in tends to be good, so seeing them in a match together is a sight to see.

Post-match, Roode wanted to shake the hands of the stable, but he was attacked as well. As Taz said to end the show, the night was "total nonstop anarchy." Their attack on Roode puts to bed the theory of him being the leader.

What is the agenda of these guys? They have attacked Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, a Gut Check contestant, Bobby Roode and the World Heavyweight champion Austin Aries.

Has this gotten more interesting? No, I'd say this just got more exciting! They went from targeting legends/veterans, to an independent wrestler, to two of TNA's main event stars. They seem to be attacking everyone, but why? I can't wait to find out the answer!

Overall, I felt that TNA Impact Wrestling was a good show. While some of the matches were decent at best and felt rushed at times, the good matches and the Aces and Eights storyline more than made up for them.

I think that TNA needs to change the format of Open Fight Night in terms of the Bound for Glory Series. Having six matches is awesome, but with the talent involved, all six matches should be able to deliver and not be rushed. They should switch it up and have two or three BFGS matches on Open Fight Night.

Have tag team matches or a triple threat match so that all 12 can be involved, but six matches is too much because they end up rushed or are too short.

The best match of the night for me was Styles and Anderson, while the Aces and Eights storyline kept me wanting more. I can't wait until next week!


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