To Comeback or Not to Comeback

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To Comeback or Not to Comeback
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

You’ve almost certainly heard the rumours, the whispers, even the shouts that say Manchester warrior and all-round superstar Ricky Hatton is possibly going to make a “shocking return to the ring.” The top web sites picked up the first inklings of this story a week or so again, and all Hatton himself or his lawyers, etc have said is the traditional “no comment,” leading many to wonder for real if the comeback rumours may have some meat to them - after all, if Hatton were happy and content in retirement, laughing at the latest rubbish to have been written about him, surely he’d simply come out and put all the nonsense to rest? The fact that Ricky has not done this, but has allowed the rumour mill to go into full swing - to the extent that former opponent Paulie Malignaggi has spoken out on the subject, stating that he is very much up for a return fight with the man who halted him late on back in 2008 - has seen to it that the story has snowballed..

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