Why Adding Dwight Howard Would Guarantee a Finals Appearance for the LA Lakers

Connor MuldowneyCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2012

Why Adding Dwight Howard Would Guarantee a Finals Appearance for the LA Lakers

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    The emergence of teams creating a "big three" in today's NBA has been rapid. Some fans love the concept; others don't.

    Teams like Boston, Miami and even New York attempted to create a "big three." Boston and Miami were successful, both winning NBA titles, but New York failed to find a third member, and they have been bounced out of the playoffs early each year.

    According to Jarrod Rudolph from RealGM.com, Dwight Howard would be ready to sign an extension with the Lakers if he is dealt there.

    If the Lakers add Dwight Howard, they would have their own "big three," maybe even a starting lineup with four all-stars.

Best Lineup in the Western Conference

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    Adding Dwight Howard would no doubt give the Lakers the best starting lineup in the Western Conference.

    The Lakers already upgraded their bench, adding veteran Antawn Jamison, but their starting lineup is already solid.

    After the Lakers were bounced from the playoffs this year by the Thunder, many thought this would start the demise of the aging franchise.

    However, adding Steve Nash and pursuing Dwight Howard show that they are willing to do anything to bring another title to Los Angeles.

    If the Lakers land the six-time all-star Howard, that would give them the best lineup in the league, as well as one of the better benches. They would be forced to move Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum to the bench to make room for Howard.

    That lineup would be scary.

Top Defense in the League

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    The Lakers had one of the top 15 defenses in the league last season, and if Howard joins them, they will surely be a top three defense.

    Howard can rebound and block shots with the best in the league, and so can his possible partner-in-crime Andrew Bynum. With both of them in the lineup at the same time, if possible, it would be nearly impossible for a team to score in the paint, let alone grab rebounds.

    The Lakers were second in the league in rebounds last season, and Dwight would guarantee them to be the top rebounding team, making teams think twice before going up for a board.

    The defense would be unstoppable, and coupling that with solid offensive firepower, the Lakers would be sure to win the Western Conference title.

Most Experienced 'Big Three'

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    If Howard joins this Lakers squad, that would give them the most experienced "big three" in the league. Kobe and Nash both have 16 years of experience in the NBA, and Howard has a solid eight years.

    Combined, these three have close to 400 playoff games of experience. That is a number that can't be ignored because it shows that if they can get there, they know how to handle the pressures and can come away victorious.

    Experience is key in today's NBA, and that was proven in this year's NBA Finals.

    The young, inexperienced Oklahoma City Thunder lost in the Finals to the more experienced Miami Heat. The Thunder are one of the best young teams in the NBA, but that was no match for the experience that the Heat had.

    Being able to handle the pressure of being in the Finals is the first step to becoming champions, and talent is the second step.

    The Lakers have both talent and experience, and if Dwight joins this already dynamic squad, they will be champions.