LaVar Arrington Is Not an Idiot

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LaVar Arrington Is Not an Idiot

Let's all have the presence of mind to agree on this much, before the hand-wringing and the finger-wagging start:

LaVar Arrington is not an idiot.

It's fair to call Arrington a lot of things as he lies in a hospital after wrecking his motorcycle. "Injured" might be a good place to a start. But he is not NOT an idiot.

I know it's fashionable to throw the "idiot" label around after high-profile motorcycle crashes, because, God, only an "idiot" would ride a motorcycle, given how dangerous the things are; or only a rich young "idiot" would feel invincible enough to attach a few thousand horsepower to his crotch, given How Fragile It All Is.

But that's not a fair syllogism, nor is it an accurate use of the word "idiot." LaVar Arrington is not an idiot because he knew what he was getting into. No one gets on a motorcycle without a sense of the stakes. It's impossible, you know from the first moment you rev the engine that You Are Not F'ing Around.

Did LaVar expect to get hurt? No. No one does. Did he know it was possible? You bet. And so he took the calculated gamble: the thrill of the ride against the threat of the crash.

And he lost.

So it goes.

Maybe you wouldn't have made the same decision, you moralists out there who'd chastise a man for riding a bike. And maybe you wouldn't know what you're missing: wouldn't know why LaVar — why anyone — would risk life and limb for the long hot high of an hour spent in fourth gear. 

And if that's case, well, you tell me who the idiot is.

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