WWE Raw: How a Feud with Chris Jericho Will Help Dolph Ziggler

William RenkenCorrespondent IIIJuly 19, 2012

Photo From WWE.com
Photo From WWE.com

Dolph Ziggler successfully grabbed the SmackDown Money In the Bank contract on Sunday night, as many here and everywhere predicted, and now finds himself on the cusp of the World Heavyweight Championship for a second time.

However, Sheamus' emphatic Brogue Kick thwarted Ziggler's attempted cash-in (not to mention Alberto Del Rio's interference as well) and demonstrated the hesitation WWE (at least for now) still has to put the title on him.

The events of Sunday night seemed to hint at a feud with Del Rio going forward for Ziggler, but thankfully that did not appear the case on Monday after Chris Jericho interrupted Ziggler's victory speech of sorts on Raw.

In an interesting and much needed reversal, instead of Jericho going back to the well of criticizing or condemning Ziggler like the other younger talent for ripping him off and not being original, it was Ziggler that cut Jericho off and proceeded to cut his own equivalent of a pipe-bomb.

And what a promo it was.

Ziggler, seeming to pull from the universal criticisms written here and many other wrestling opinion sites, launched into a scathing rant about Jericho's ineffectiveness since returning in January. He even pushed him to answer the question of when was the last time he had a victory that meant anything in WWE.

As far as highlights go from this past Raw, this segment was an underrated portion of the show that set into motion a feud we will hopefully see on the card at SummerSlam.

What it does for Ziggler is bolster his stock as a main event hopeful and further season him for when he successfully cashes in that MITB contract.

Obviously, Ziggler's skills in the ring aren't a question.

The guy can sell better than anyone and has one of the best drop kicks in the business and has certainly won over the crowd with his displays night in and night out. But his skills on the microphone are underdeveloped and seem to be the biggest thing holding him back. That and the fact that Vickie Guerrero has acted as his mouth-piece for way too long now.

A feud with Jericho, one of the best talkers in the business and of all time in fact, puts Ziggler in a position to become more complete as a wrestler since talking ability has become as important as in-ring ability in the modern age of professional wrestling.

That being said, not enough can be said about Jericho being the consummate professional.

Granted, seeing him unable to upend CM Punk in the WWE Championship chase through WrestleMania and Extreme Rules diminished his "It's the end of the world as you know it" proclamation as part of his most recent return to WWE and has made him seen weak on screen (which Ziggler also pointed out on Monday). But in the greater scheme of things, what Jericho did was help push Punk even further and give him a signature feud during his title run.

A feud with Ziggler allows Jericho to do what he not only has been able to do for Punk this year, but also what he did for John Cena many years back and that's elevate talent. Now that is what can help hold water to the claim that he is "the best in the world at what he does."

One of the best scenes from The Color of Money is when Paul Newman explains to Tom Cruise how the mark of a real professional, in the context of pool, is in how they lose. In the end, wrestling is a similar hustle where wins and losses are irrelevant, and the only significant victory lies in the money that can be accumulated as a result.

Ziggler represents a lot of money to be made in the future for WWE, and a feud with Jericho is a great way to help get him there.

I turn it over to you all: Are you excited to see a Dolph Ziggler-Chris Jericho feud?