Liverpool FC: Who Can Replace Steven Gerrard as Liverpool Captain?

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIJuly 19, 2012

Liverpool FC: Who Can Replace Steven Gerrard as Liverpool Captain?

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    Steven Gerrard has become the human dynamo for Liverpool: starting and breaking up attacks, scoring magnificent goals and radiating confidence. Despite being dubbed the best midfielder of his generation many a time by legends such as Zidane, Gerrard remains level-headed, calm and collected.

    From all angles, Gerrard appears to be the perfect captain for club and country.

    However, his body has taken the toll for over a decade of first-class displays and the question—the one Liverpool fans have for so long feared—must now be asked.

    Who can replace talismanic skipper Steven Gerrard?

1. Pepe Reina

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    Reina, Carragher and Gerrard.

    They have been the backbone of Liverpool Football Club for so long now. With the latter two getting on, the logical choice for the next Liverpool captain would be Pepe Reina. His family loves Liverpool, contrary to the press' belief. He loves the club. The club loves him.

    He may be at a disadvantage due to being a goalkeeper?

    Please. Look at European and world champions Spain.

    Oh and also, the lad couldn't shut up anyway. You can hear him in Southampton, communication is no problem.

    My personal choice.

2. Martin Kelly

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    Martin Kelly faces an obstacle in Glen Johnson that prevents him from a full break into the Liverpool first team.

    Though appearances have been limited, Kelly has had ample time to prove his ability as a fantastic player and a young leader. Learning alongside Jamie Carragher and Pepe Reina, Kelly has the time to develop into a real leader.

    That being said, he strikes me as the kind of player to naturally possess the leadership skills necessary and don't be surprised if Martin Kelly is the next player to walk out leading a trail of red behind him.

    Young, determined and home-grown, he is loved by the fans, with good reason.

3. Jonjo Shelvey

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    Jonjo Shelvey is next as the list of potential candidates gets longer yet younger.

    Shelvey is a fantastic player, no doubt about it. He has captained the England youth sides before, and according to Joe Cole, 'Shelv' is the leader among the young lads.

    This trait of confidence coupled with a solid footballing ability, which is destined to improve, could see Shelvey become the next influential Reds midfielder.

4. Conor Coady

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    Coady is dubbed to be the next Liverpool captain by many in the Reds camp. Young, yet confident and assured, Coady represents everything a young Steven Gerrard once represented.

    Coady plays right in the centre of the side as a central midfielder, but can also slot back into defence. Though he is unlikely to break into the first team anytime soon, when he does, you will know.

5. Honourable Mentions

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    1. Luis Suarez

    Luis Suarez will captain Uruguay into the Olympics this summer and has already proven himself a very talented and influential player to Liverpool. That being said, his fiery determination can go overboard sometimes and his antics—you know which I mean—make Suarez very unlikely to receive the captaincy of a club like Liverpool.

    2. Jordan Henderson

    Jordan Henderson was dubbed to be the next Gerrard on arrival. He has disappointed consistently since and, for that reason, can't justify a place on the list on anything other than hypothetical improvement.

    3. Martin Skrtel or Daniel Agger

    The two have improved beyond measure recently and though Daniel Agger is a very good leader—as shown by his captaincy of Denmark—the captaincy needs to be given to someone younger and less injury-prone.

    Thanks for reading. Thoughts?