WWE Raw 1000: Latest Update on Jim Ross' Presence

Aakash Vasa@aakash_vasaCorrespondent IIJuly 19, 2012

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross will indeed be present at the much-hyped 1000th episode of Raw next Monday, according to Dave Scherer of PwInsider.com.

Jim Ross was on The Ref 1400 AM in Norman, OK today. When asked about whether he would be appearing at next week's Raw 1000 JR said that he will be in St. Louis for Raw 1000. He said that at this time he has no idea what his role will be.

This is pretty obvious, but let me say it one more time: Jim Ross is the best WWE commentator of all time. And to have him back on Raw, even if for a short time, is great. 

The current WWE product is suffering from poor marketing, social media overdose, and mediocre booking. But there is another man who is detrimental to the company. Another man, who almost made me quit watching WWE programming last summer. And that man is Michael Cole. 

Vince McMahon seems to love Michael Cole, and absolutely detest JR, for reasons known best to him. It would be wishful thinking to hope that JR and Jerry Lawler can be back on the announcer's desk together. But, if only we could have more of Jim Ross, then the quality of WWE announcing would be much better than Michael Cole standard.

Maybe Jim Ross has been brought for the historical episode just for nostalgia's sake, or maybe there's something bigger planned for him. Let's just hope that, whatever the case, he is not turned into an object of ridicule.