Report: Blue Jackets Snub Red Wings' Huge Offer for Rick Nash

Zackary Landers@@ZackaryLanders Contributor IIIJuly 19, 2012

Report: Blue Jackets Snub Red Wings' Huge Offer for Rick Nash

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    It looks like Rick Nash will have to cross a team off of his short list of possible destinations. According to a report from writer Ansar Kahn, the Red Wings made "a hell of an offer" to bring Rick Nash to Detroit. 

    Ken Holland and his team are all smart individuals. When the Detroit Red Wings make "a hell of an offer," chances are it was as good as we are lead to believe. Even though who was included in this huge trade package is not public knowledge, one thing is for sure: It was pretty darn big. 

    In a summer dominated by rumors and possible trades, this news can provide a little more insight on what is going on with the Rick Nash sweepstakes. 

Possible Situation 1: He Stays in Columbus

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    Even though it would have been absurd to suggest such an idea a week or two ago, the brushing off of the Red Wings makes this look like it is developing into a possibility. 

    Ken Holland and his staff are smart men, and when it is reported that he made a "hell of an offer," those words mean something. Even though they are a divisional rival, rivalries only go so far. If that offer was as epic as we are led to believe, than Chris White of  put it well when he said

    "...It's starting to look like there's never going to be an offer good enough for the Jackets to trade their star. "

    As stated before, the particulars of the trade remain unknown, but one must think that it included some great roster talent and great prospect talent from one of the highest-powered teams in the NHL

    The way that the offer was handled makes it look like Columbus doesn't even want to consider dealing Nash, no matter what the price. Ansar Kahn of Mlive states that there was 

    "No counteroffer, no back and forth negotiation, nothing." 

    Call it divisional pride or foolishness, but that sounds like the behavior of a team that wants to keep a player locked up. 

Possible Situation 2: Teams Back off Until Howson Is Gone or Comes Down

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    Sometimes it helps to think of trades in the sports world as a big card game. By making such a big push and still coming up short, the Red Wings may well scare some teams out of the Rick Nash sweepstakes. While there are no breaking rumors of Scott Howson going anywhere, it is not unreasonable to think that he could be shown the door soon. If he does make his exit from Columbus (forced or otherwise), expect this process to start all over again. 

    The alternative is staying on once the season starts, and Nash has not been moved. Generally speaking, players who have demanded trades do not usually give the most inspired performances during the season, and if Nash decides to let his play slip in order to be moved faster, Howson will be forced to come down in his asking price. 

    Either way, the sweepstakes are down to five teams. Unless the offer by Detroit was a red herring, it may take even more than expected to to real in Rick Nash.