Give Me a Break, Michael Hayes!

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

When I think of legends, the last person that comes to mind is Michael "P.S." Hayes. The "P.S." stand for "Purely Sexy," something that he is not.

Actually, he doesn't come to mind at all. Yesterday, I was on checking out the video roster for the upcoming "WWE Legends of WrestleMania" video game, I can't believe they put him on that game.

I honestly cannot see myself playing a game with Michael Hayes in it. I just can't respect someone who comes out the the ring sporting the confederate flag as a cape and as face paint.

The only thing you're remembered for is your time as one of the members of the Fabulous Freebirds and your feud with the Von Erichs.

With your tacky outfits, and that God-awful moonwalk, you're an embarrassment.

You're not even worthy of inducting the Von Erichs into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I can only hope you have enough sense to not wear one of those awful trashy suits at the Hall of Fame, like the one from last year.

And like Ricky Ortiz, you don't have my respect, especially after what you said to Mark Henry, "I'm more of a n***a than you are."

You are a sick, washed up, disgusting old man, that no one respects or care about. Your career was pathetic and so are you.