Robert Guerrero Is 100% Focused on Aydin, but Feels He Can Beat Pacquiao & Floyd

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IJuly 24, 2012

LAS VEGAS - JULY 31:  Robert Guerrero (L) and Joel Casamayor trade blows in the eighth round of their junior welterweight fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guerrero won by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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The following is an exclusive interview done by King J and Robert Guerrero 29(18)1-1 who is returning to the ring, after a 15-month lay off, and jumping two weight classes up to welterweight, fighting undefeated powerhouse Selcuk Aydin 23(17)-0 this Saturday, July 28, on Showtime.

Guerrero has just wrapped an intense training camp in Lake Tahoe, where he was cutting himself off from all modern distractions.


King J: Robert, how is Lake Tahoe? I never been there before; I hear it's gorgeous and peaceful. I saw in your camp notes that you are doing it caveman style there, no TV, no busy streets, just waking up at 5AM and hitting the road work hard. So you basically just rented out a log cabin in the woods?


Robert Guerrero:  Yeah we rented out a cabin and went Rocky Balboa in Russia this camp (laughs) .  I was training in 9,000 feet elevation and it was rough. It is very beautiful out there and I plan to go back there in the future.  I had great sparring and my team got me prepared for this fight.  I’m coming hard this Saturday.


King J: The two biggest question marks for this fight is how much ring rust you will have being out of the ring for 15 months, as well as how strong your shoulder is after the injury and also how will you deal/perform with the big jump going up two weight classes to welterweight? 


Robert Guerrero: First off my shoulder is 100 percent ready to fire some bombs.  The long layoff might seem like a disadvantage to those who don’t know me, but I stay in shape all the time.  I feel great at 147 and everyone will be surprised on how I’ll look on fight night.

The jump up is risky, but Marquez, Juan Diaz, Rocky Juarez, Amir Khan all never wanted to step in the ring with me, so I’m doing something unprecedented moving up two weight classes with no tune up and fighting the No. 1 guy.  I’m old school.


King J: Over the past year you have been seen at almost every major fight, especially at the post fight conferences. It looked like you were on a bit of a publicity tour or that you were about to call out some of the fighters who just fought that night at the podium.

Your hard-working publicist, Mario Serrano, also did a brilliant job really blasting you and putting you out there and you were pretty much one of the final opponents being seriously considered for Floyd Mayweather for the big Cinco De Mayweather Sweepstakes fight.

Why do you feel Floyd ultimately went on to fight Miguel Cotto instead that night when it appeared Golden Boy really had you slated to be his next opponent almost until the final hour?


Robert Guerrero: Floyd is the No. 1 fighter in the world and he’ll pick and choose who he steps in the ring with.  I respect that because he’s earned it in the ring.  Why he didn’t pick me, you can ask him when he gets released.  All I know is that I will always call out the best fighters in the world because I want to be the best and to do that, you have to fight the best.


King J: Your fans have written in and they would like to know what do you feel is the one thing that you do not receive credit for? Your fans also want to know why you are calling out both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather when there are opponents that are calling you out as well?


Robert Guerrero:  I don’t g et credit for winning world titles in multiple weight classes.  People don’t know this but I fought at 122 early in my career.  Now I’m fighting at 147.  I’ve won world titles on the way up and I keep getting better doing so. 

Like I said, I’ve sparred with Manny Pacquiao and I know I can beat him if we fought.  I see flaws in Floyd so I feel I can beat him as well.  But I got a tough fight on Saturday that I’m 100 percent focused on and Aydin is no joke.  He hasn’t been avoided these last two years for nothing.  He’s coming to fight.


King J: We all know about the so called "hometown fighter's curse". It seems a few times you have fought in your backyard those fights ended with a bit of a bizarre ending kind of leaving the fans a bit confused, if anything. Do you feel this may drive you to perform even stronger this time around and to provide a clear result this time around, seeing that this fight is in the HP Pavilion once again?

Robert Guerrero:  I’m a big believer in Jesus Christ and my faith in him will break any curse.  I came back strong in my last fight there against Hinojosa and I plan to do the same in this fight. 

I’m a totally different fighter now then I was a few years back. I have to make a statement in this fight and the Bay Area fans will witness a great showing from me.  I’m leaving everything in the ring on July 28!


King J: So Aydin's undefeated and he is called the "Mini-Tyson," will you be called the "Mini-Buster Douglas" after July 28?


Robert Guerrero:  I’m Robert Guerrero whose last name means warrior in Spanish and that’s what I’m going to show in this fight, my warrior spirit.  I’ve come too far and I’m hungrier than most people think.  I’m starving!  This fight is going to put me in that mega-fight position.


King J: Aydin's been talking a bit of trash about you. Basically he's been saying that you are dreaming of fighting Pacquiao and Mayweather and that you can dream about fighting them when he knocks you out Saturday and makes you sleep. How about a good old-fashioned Bay Area trash talking come back to that?

Robert Guerrero:  I don’t like to talk trash much, so I’ll just do my talking with my fists.  When I hit him with that first hard shot, he’ll realize he’s in a war he can’t leave.  It will be his worst nightmare. 


King J: Thanks Robert for taking the time to talk with us. Hopefully, you get to eat a bit more since you are jumping up in weight. Best of luck Saturday.


Robert Guerrero:  Yes I’ll be eating healthy all the way up to the weigh-in. Aydin is a come-forward fighter that brings a ton of pressure, so this fight will have a lot of action.  Check me out on Twitter @ghostboxing and Facebook /ghostfans.  Thanks for having me and to all my fans, tune in on Showtime July 28, this is going to be a good one, I can guarantee that!


King J is the Bleacher Report Boxing Community Leader and Featured Columnist. Late Monday July 23, he conducted this exclusive interview with Robert Guerrero.

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