New York Islanders: Present is Grim but the Future Looks Good

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New York Islanders: Present is Grim but the Future Looks Good
As the season comes to a close with 11 games left in the season, things really aren't looking very good for the New York Islanders.

After watching tonight's game, I think I am going to cry myself to sleep. 8-4 loss against Tampa!


Personally, I have nothing against Tampa. They have an amazing offense With Vinny and St. Louis, good offensive defense with Boyle, Ranger, and Kuba, but not very good goal tending.

In a way, this loss can be seen as good because if they were to get the first overall pick during this draft—look out!

Tampa would be outstanding (offensively).

Now for the Islanders...

Since I am a new writer, I haven't been able to list the flaws of the Islanders, but now I shall.

As we all know, they don't have any real finishers. Miroslav was streaky and Guerin hasn't found his groove. But why haven't they been scoring?

Well (this is what has bothered me the most) they do not have a real distributor.

They don’t have someone who will just pass it, shoot too, but pass it most of the time. These people can make something out of nothing and every other team has them:

Tampa has Vinny and St. Louis.

Atlanta has Kovie.

Washington has Alex the Great and Semin.

The Rangers have Gomez, Bruins have Savard, Canadiens have Kovalev and the Kostitsyn Brothers.

Toronto has Sundin.

Minnesota has Gab, Rolston, and Demitra. Chicago has Kane and Toews.

Dallas has Richards. Colorado has Stasny and Sakic.

San Jose Sharks have Thornton.

I think you get the picture.

You might be thinking, "Oh well Comrie can do this."

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but he's more of a goal scorer, which is rare with centers. It will be very hard to find a winger who is an actual distributor so maybe the best plan of action is moving him to the wing.


There is no real PP quarterback right now. Campoli will probably turn into one, and Meyer has a good wrist shot, but right now we don't have one.

With that said—the future looks great!

Comeau, Frans, Walter, Tambi, Bergenheim, and Okposo.

When I went to Bridgeport a few weeks ago, I mainly watched Okposo and let me tell you people—HE IS THE REAL DEAL! He has a great hockey sense—good defensively, checks, good positioning, great vision, and goal scoring ability. He is also a power play quarterback.

Oh I forgot to mention, the sixth round pick of last draft, Blake Kessel. It’s looking like a steal. In the USHL he has 43 points (15-28) in 49 games. OH BABY!

Also, Hunter looks good and Comrie was good to lock up for another year.

Park is awesome and he has nifty moves too. Camp, Bruno, and Meyer are a solid group to have back on D in the future.

What too look for:

With only 11 games remaining, look for less playing time for the "stars" and more for the young guns. Also, Okposo might come up with nine games left so that a year doesn't get thrown off his contract.

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