Drew Brees and the Highest Paid Athletes in Sports: BR5

BR5Daily ShowJuly 18, 2012

The drawn out contract dispute between Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints finally came to a close this past week, and the end result has Brees not only 100 million dollars richer, but, he's now the highest paid player in the NFL. In honor of this landmark signing we decided to break down the highest paid players in all the major American sports.

Coming in at Number 5 is Nascar’s Carl Edwards. Edwards has become synonymous with stock car racing, and averaging 8.2 million per year we think we’ll be seeing a lot more from him.

At Number 4 is New York Ranger Brad Richards. Hockey players aren’t exactly known to get the kind of monstrous contracts that the NBA and NFL players command, but Richards’ deal is sure to make other hockey players envious. $60 million over nine years is not too shabby. Now, he just has to prove he’s worth it.

At number 3 is Drew Brees. Brees’ recent 100 million signing nets him an average of 20 mil per year, making him the richest player in the league. But, if statistics and record count for anything, Brees deserves every cent.

In at number 2 is Kobe Bryant. Kobe makes an average of 25. 2 million dollars a year. At that rate you could say that’s about 5 million per championship ring he’s brought Los Angeles. We think some teams would pay a lot more than that for his services.

And, in at number 1 is the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez.  A-Rod’s worth has always been hotly debated, but at about 30 million a year it seems the Yanks have enough reason to make him one of baseball’s richest. Hopefully some of that 30 mil will go towards getting the Yankees another pennant!