What Does It Take To Meet a NASCAR Driver?

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

Can someone please give me the inside scoop on meeting Dale Earnhardt Jr.? I would really appreciate it. I guess being NASCAR's most popular driver comes with an extra amount of fans.

I've met a few drivers at their trailers, such as Robby Gordon and Kurt Busch. But what about Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr., and Kyle Busch? What does it take to get their autographs?

I am a huge NASCAR fan, but living in Maine, I have not been able to go to many races. I've been to New Hampshire twice and Richmond once.

Where do you have to go to meet these incredibly popular drivers? Heck, I've even gone to their hometowns, and still nothing.

What is Jr.'s biggest fan in Maine to do when she will never meet her idol?