The Game Is Starting, Grab Me A...

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

There is nothing like a fresh cold beer while watching your favorite team play.  Whether it is the first quarter, second half, or final period, it is always nice to either cope with the pain of a penalty or celebrate a score behind a tasty beverage.


I write this article because I turn 21 on February 26 and I would like to hear the opinions of sports fans on this topic. 


While I will not say that I have not found my favorite beverage to drink during a game, I do find myself sipping cola more often then I would like!


Now that I can enjoy the game with a beer, I wondered, what is the best drink to have come game time?  Whether it is domestic or imported, most people have a favorite beer.  What is yours?


Also, I want to say that some of the worst fans are those who get wasted at sporting events. 


If you are a true fan, you would like to see how they do.  “What a game, I was so trashed” is not as nice of a memory as, “Did you see that last play when it was all on the line and they delivered! 


You can drink and feel a buzz while enjoying a game.  If you need to get so drunk you make a scene in order to enjoy it, stay home, or better yet, get help.


For those who know how to drink responsibly and enjoy the game, cheers to you!


Thanks for reading and your comments.


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