Impact Wrestling Preview: Aces and Eights, Open Fight Night, the BFGS and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 19, 2012

It's Thursday again, and that means a new live episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!

TNA continues to impress as the summer progresses and there's no reason to believe that they'll stop, as this week's episode will be the monthly Open Fight Night.

The company has confirmed eight possible matches, including the Bound for Glory Series and Gut Check, as well as an update on the Aces and Eights.

Here's what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week.


Gut Check: Which Independent Wrestler Will Get the Opportunity This Week?

Three months ago, TNA brought their Gut Check program to Impact Wrestling. To be featured once a month on Open Fight Night, one independent wrestler will get the chance to wrestle a TNA superstar and impress the three judges.

After the match, judges Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard will evaluate the performance of the wrestler and make a decision on whether or not they get a TNA contract the following week.

So far, three wrestlers have been given the opportunity and two of them have received contracts. Alex Silva and Taeler Hendrix are the newest additions to the roster while Joey Ryan was left with nothing.

The wrestler wanting to legalize sleaze will not stay down, though. Ryan has taken to the internet to voice his frustration over the situation and even showed up last month in the crowd to interrupt Hendrix's moment.

Who will be showing up this week? Will they be able to defeat their opponent? Is Joey Ryan going to make an appearance?


The Bound for Glory Series Continues

The Bound for Glory Series is heating up and it continues this week with Open Fight Night. Much like last month, all 12 wrestlers will be fighting it out for the much sought after points.

While six wrestlers will challenge the other six much like last week, things will be a bit different. The challenges will be made based on the current point standings. As of a live event on July 14, the standings in the series stand at:

  • James Storm: 43 points
  • Samoa Joe: 37 points
  • Kurt Angle: 27 points
  • Jeff Hardy: 21 points
  • Mr. Anderson: 16 points
  • Magnus: 14 points
  • Rob Van Dam: 14 points
  • D'Angelo Dinero: 7 points
  • A.J. Styles: 7 points
  • Christopher Daniels: 5 points
  • Bully Ray: 0 points
  • Robbie E: 0 points

With James Storm back in the lead, does that mean he'll be facing Samoa Joe due to them being on top? How about the top two versus the bottom two?

It's not explained how "based on point standings" means, but who will end up gaining the points this week?


A Fluke: Will Bobby Roode Call Out Austin Aries As Planned?

At Destination X, Austin Aries gave up his X-Division Championship for a shot at Bobby Roode and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. After a great back-and-forth match, Roode's reign as champion came to an end.

The man that calls himself the "Greatest Man That Ever Lived" was the new world champion and the fans went into a frenzy. Last week on Impact Wrestling, Aries celebrated in the middle of the ring saying that he was the best wrestler in the best wrestling company.

He was interrupted by Roode, who was so angry that he could barely speak. He called Aries' victory a fluke, but fluke or not, he was the new world heavyweight champion.

Later on, backstage, Roode demanded his rematch from Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster gave him his rematch at Hardcore Justice, but Roode wanted the match earlier, so Hogan told him to call out the champion on Open Fight Night.

Will Bobby Roode really call out the champion? Was Austin Aries' victory over Roode a fluke?


The Aces and Eights: Who Else Will They Go After?

Four days after Slammiversary, Sting ended Impact Wrestling with a speech about being the first inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. After stating how much of an honor it was, the legendary wrestler was attacked and beaten down by three masked men.

Nothing developed until two weeks ago when Hulk Hogan received a hand of aces and eights playing cards. Calling themselves the Aces and Eights, they stated that they were returning.

Last week, Sting made his first appearance since the attack and was ready to fight alongside Hogan against the three thugs. As Sting was awaiting his backup in the ring, Hogan was attacked backstage and left on the floor with his daughter screaming for help.

Aces and Eights then appeared to attack the Stinger, only there were six masked men now. They beat down the Icon and left him laying beaten on the ramp.

Who are the Aces and Eights? Why have they targeted Sting and Hulk Hogan? Will they attack anyone else?

TNA Wrestling is having quite the year and this episode of Impact Wrestling is shaping up to be another good one. Will it be? Tune in at 8 ET to find out!


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