Mt. Hebron Baseball: Pitcher Out for Two Weeks

Nick MeyerContributor IMarch 11, 2008



Waking up and going to school on this one particular day, Ian Robert Bembenek, could not of realized what was in store for him. 


Ian, a model citizen and a handsome fellow, started his day off as usual until third period—his weights class. 


Ian decided to participate in the activity that the class had chosen that day, which, by chance, was floor hockey. 


The ball reaches Ian after a few bounces here and there. 


“Take a hack at it Bemby,” says Kyle Melan, using Ian's infamous nickname. 


Ian does as he is told, the model citizen that he is, and not shocking at all to anyone on the court that day, Ian takes a hack and inflicts pain on himself.    


He collapses to the floor and, like a turtle, doesn’t get up. 


He leaves in a wheelchair and escorted by Patty “Bemby” Bembenek. 


“After the accident I got up and walked a little bit, so it’s not my ACL,” responds the resilient Ian after a treacherous accident.  The doctor’s visit is made and the verdict is announced "torn" ankle ligament.


Mt. Hebron Baseball will be without their fireball-throwing pitcher for two weeks. 


Unfortunately the accident occurred only days before the young baseball season starts. 


“I plan on icing it a lot and exercising it so I can come back,” the tenacious Bemby responds. 


Adversity rears its ugly head for the Mount Hebron Baseball squad and, as many know, it’s not what you do to get in adversity; it’s what you do to get out of it.

TO ALL READERS: Beside the fact that Ian Bembenek has never played in an official High School Game.