Magic's Dwight Howard Looks Happy Taking in LA Dodgers Game

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Magic's Dwight Howard Looks Happy Taking in LA Dodgers Game
Photo Credit: Jocks and Stiletto

The madness is only beginning. 

The LA Dodgers were busy losing another game late but the real story was Dwight Howard taking in the game from a Dodgers Stadium suite. 

If you thought the Dwight Howard saga was nuts before, you are in store for a whole new level of insanity. 

Jocks and Stiletto (h/t Black Sports Online) has a collection of pictures that will make some NBA fans very happy, and others near the point of vomiting. 

First there is this photo of a fan taking a picture with Howard who she claims is wearing a Lakers hat. That would be quite controversial seeing as he is still a member of the Orlando Magic. 

I am guessing this is why Howard was sure to cheat the hat back a bit.


At the actual game, there are a couple pictures provided by Jocks and Stiletto. In this one, Black Sports Online proclaims he is taking in the game with girlfriend Christine Vest. 

Photo Credit: Jocks and Stiletto

And here is the obligatory Jumbotron picture that no doubt had fans cheering, but I wonder why. 

Photo Credit: Jocks and Stiletto

If you believe reports, the Lakers are driving hard to the hole to consummate a trade for Howard. Essentially, they would be swapping out an oft-injured and enigmatic Andrew Bynum for a currently injured and melodramatic Howard. 

All-Star for All-Star. 

At least Bynum is a known quantity. You know you are getting immature, but with Howard you are getting a man who has no idea what he wants. 

There is a storm brewing in LA, and these are the first clouds. 

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