Magic's Dwight Howard Looks Happy Taking in LA Dodgers Game

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 18, 2012

Photo Credit: Jocks and Stiletto
Photo Credit: Jocks and Stiletto

The madness is only beginning. 

The LA Dodgers were busy losing another game late but the real story was Dwight Howard taking in the game from a Dodgers Stadium suite. 

If you thought the Dwight Howard saga was nuts before, you are in store for a whole new level of insanity. 

Jocks and Stiletto (h/t Black Sports Online) has a collection of pictures that will make some NBA fans very happy, and others near the point of vomiting. 

First there is this photo of a fan taking a picture with Howard who she claims is wearing a Lakers hat. That would be quite controversial seeing as he is still a member of the Orlando Magic. 

I am guessing this is why Howard was sure to cheat the hat back a bit.

So. Dwight Howard is in LA. In a Lakers snapback. Awwww Sheeeit,U already know !!!!!!…

— ♡~Lisa Marie~♡ (@LisaMarieIsHere) July 11, 2012

At the actual game, there are a couple pictures provided by Jocks and Stiletto. In this one, Black Sports Online proclaims he is taking in the game with girlfriend Christine Vest. 

And here is the obligatory Jumbotron picture that no doubt had fans cheering, but I wonder why. 

If you believe reports, the Lakers are driving hard to the hole to consummate a trade for Howard. Essentially, they would be swapping out an oft-injured and enigmatic Andrew Bynum for a currently injured and melodramatic Howard. 

All-Star for All-Star. 

At least Bynum is a known quantity. You know you are getting immature, but with Howard you are getting a man who has no idea what he wants. 

There is a storm brewing in LA, and these are the first clouds. 

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