WWE RAW 1,000: Will New Championship Belt Be Unveiled?

The EndAnalyst IJuly 18, 2012

An artist's rendition of probable new design.
An artist's rendition of probable new design.

A month ago, the Internet was abuzz with rumors about a new, heavier WWE Championship belt. The WWE Champion, CM Punk, said that a new title was ready and would probably be revealed to the world soon. Also, photographs claiming to be of the new, redesigned WWE Championship were soon circulating on the World Wide Web.

With the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw coming up, a large number of fans were—and probably are—hoping that the redesigned title will be unveiled to the world on that historic occasion.

Now, we are mere days away from the night. With superstars like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar scheduled to appear on July 23, it would be a great night to honor the championship as well as the various champions that have held the strap.

It doesn't hurt that the WWE Championship is scheduled to be defended on this iconic episode of WWE's flagship show. With CM Punk finally scheduled to defend his gold—hopefully in the main event of the show, after way too long—against the "face of the WWE," John Cena, it would be a nice touch to unveil the new championship, to be raised by the winner for the world to see.


How Should It Happen?

While either Cena or Punk unveiling the new championship would be the straightforward thing to do, it just doesn't feel right. While Punk is the defending champion, he hasn't been in the main event for quite a while, and the championship has arguably been devalued during his reign. And Cena, despite being the star of the show, was the person who unveiled the hideous "spinner" in the first place.

So, how should the new title design be unveiled?

With Cena and Punk in the ring for their scheduled encounter, some familiar music hits—"No chance..."

The chairman of the WWE interrupts the beginning of the Cena/Punk match to give an oratory about how Raw will take a new direction as we enter a new era in WWE Programming.

"And, what better way to kick off the new era, than with a new WWE Championship. Cena, you won your championship match by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match. Here is your chance to relive that moment. Because, the new WWE Championship will be won by whoever can climb a ladder and retrieve it."

Fireworks fill the stadium as the camera moves upward to reveal a shining new title belt hanging from the ceiling.

And, after the match, regardless of who wins, the large group of former champions in attendance can enter the ring and raise him and his championship for the world to see.


Will It Happen? 

Let us hope so. Not only is the spinner belt design outdated, but an overhaul is long overdue as well. Besides, it will give an added moment for fans to remember the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw.


However, if it doesn't happen this Monday, there is always the next historic moment to do it in—SummerSlam 25!


Note: The design above is not mine, but a cousin's. I asked him to make one having an eagle with a globe on its back, but he didn't do as I asked. I'll outsource my art to somebody else, from now on!