The Guinness Book Of World Records: Do They Actually Care About MMA?

Joe DaddyContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

Today I just happened to be in the library of my school working on an Earth Science project.  I then spotted the new 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. I have always loved these books, so I decided to take a look inside.

While flipping through the various sections, I stumbled upon a section devoted towards MMA. I was delighted because I had never seen a Guinness Book with this section in it. 

My delightment quickly turned sour as I began to read the records included.

The records ranged from Judo competitions and women's achievements (I don't follow either so I didn't care to read them) to UFC records. Being the avid UFC fan I am, I jumped to these first.

The first was "Most Light-Heavyweight Title Defenses" obviously held by Tito Ortiz (pictured). This was all good and well, and he had a nice picture on the page of him in action. 

The next UFC record I saw was very pointless to the educated MMA fan. 

This record was for " Heaviest UFC Fighters". The HW weight class has a limit of 265 so it simply included fighters that were at the limit: Gan McGee, Tim Sylvia, Brock Lesnar, Sean Gannon, and there may have been one other.

OK, a little weak, but at least it was accurate. 

The last one I saw was the one that made me realize that the Guinness Book of World Records did not exactly take the most time with this page. 

This record was for "Lightest UFC Fighters". 

It included 4 names: Jens Pulver, two others I cannot recall, and last but not least THIAGO ALVES for all weighing 145 lbs. 

Thiago Alves? The welterweight that can barely make 170?


Also, if I'm not mistaken, Jens Pulver only dropped down to 145 after joining the WEC.

The book also included Randy Couture for having most titles won. 

So, even though it's nice to see MMA getting more mainstream, its a shame that a publication as big as Guinness got their records wrong. (I also heard that in the 07 they said Tito was Brazilian WTF?)

Anyways, if I'm incorrect about anything I read (I'm going off of memory from skimming) or something, please feel free to correct me, and as always, leave feedback.