Did Houston Rockets Overpay for Jeremy Lin?

Ethan Sherwood Strauss@SherwoodStraussNBA Lead WriterJuly 18, 2012

The Houston Rockets are a part of this Lin deal, though, you wouldn't know it from the national media coverage.

If the New York Knicks had wrestled Jeremy Lin back from the Houston Rockets, the national media spotlight would be on how Dwight Howard might get teamed up with the exciting, ascendant Lin.

But, because New York is losing out on Lin's services, the coverage is mostly fixed on what the bigger-market team is giving away.

Let us look at Houston instead. It needs a point guard after losing Goran Dragic and Kyle Lowry in the offseason. Though $25 million is a lot to pay for Lin's services, he's certainly addressing a position of need.

Also, the kid was good over the few games he played for New York, notching roughly a 20 player efficiency rating. Much of this could be a small sample size or Mike D'Antoni magic.

Houston GM Daryl Morey is betting that the man most responsible for Linsanity was Lin himself.