Did the Knicks Make a Mistake Letting Jeremy Lin Get Away?

Ethan Sherwood StraussNBA Lead WriterJuly 18, 2012

Jeremy Lin is Houston-bound, which would have been an unthinkable outcome in February (via USA Today). That was back when we were in the throes of Linsanity—an affliction that charmed fans the world over—especially in New York.

Knicks fans were galvanized and thrilled, as their team became relevant for the right reasons, almost out of nowhere. 

But keeping Lin was expensive for New York and not just because he's set to make $25 million over three years. Houston put Knicks owner James Dolan in a tough spot with a "poison pill" aspect of the deal. In the final year of that Rockets offer, Lin would make nearly $15 million.

This was no problem for Houston, but the Knicks would be well into luxury tax territory in that final season, and that uptick would cost them plenty. To match that Rockets contract, per league rules, New York would have to make a gigantic bet on Jeremy.

The Knicks did not, instead throwing their lot in with Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd.