Oregon Football: Chip Kelly Wins the Day in Spain; Runs with Bulls

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2012

For the past few years, Oregon fans have truly embraced Chip Kelly and everything he has stood for. Kelly is quickly becoming the most beloved coach in Oregon history and he has only been with the university for the past three years. 

Granted, his stay with the Ducks has been short, but in those three years Kelly has put together three straight conference titles, three straight appearances in a BCS game and a Rose Bowl victory to finish off last year. 

As if Kelly wasn’t loved enough, he may have reached a new level, as news is coming out of how the head coach is spending some of his time this offseason. 

Yesterday, Oregon’s wide receiver coach and former Nebraska quarterback Scott Frost sent out a tweet that shared a photo of Chip Kelly, himself and another gentleman in Spain. The tweet also said, “Yep. This happened. We ran. #Pamplona" 

It appears that Kelly took his mindset of a fast-paced offense to Pamplona's famed San Fermin Festival, where both coaches apparently were involved in the annual running of the bulls.

While Kelly certainly does not need any style or cool points with fans, this will certainly be a hit with most people and cause them to relate with the head coach even more.

As the 2012 season grows closer, fans continue to get more and more excited about the upcoming season. While running with the bulls will gain some attention for the head coach, he would get even more if he leads the Ducks to a fourth straight conference title.


Joe Penkala is a B/R National Featured Columnist who covers college football. You can contact him @joepenkala.