Arizona To Be Back In Super Bowl If Cards Played Right

Chris WhitakerContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

If Arizona keeps all the talented Cards in their deck, they should be the odds-on favorite to be 2009 NFC Champs, and, no, I am NOT "bluffing".  The Cardinals have decent cap space. 

As long as they keep Dansby and Warner, they will be just fine! 

You may notice that I did not mention Anquan Boldin. 

WHY?  He has two more years on his contract, and he is NOT going anywhere unless Arizona receives a whole lot in return for him.

Players like Edge James, Eric Green, Antonio Smith and Bertrand Berry are all expendable.  As a matter of fact, the Cards already have players to plug in those holes.  If AZ management is smart, they'll allow a couple FAs to "fly the coop" to open-up more cap space.  That way they can go after the likes of an Albert Haynesworth, Julius Peppers, Terrell Suggs, et al..

Of course, there is no guarantee Michael Bidwill and Rod Graves will make the above-mentioned moves.  If they do though, it will be NO SURPRISE this time should the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC Title.