UFC 99 Rumor: Rich Franklin Vs. Wanderlei Silva at Catchweight?

Brian OswaldMMA Editor February 18, 2009

According to MMAWeekly, former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin and former Pride 205-pound champion Wanderlei Silva have agreed to fight each other at UFC 99. The UFC is set to make its German debut on June 13 in Cologne.

Sources have indicated that Franklin and Silva have agreed to face each other at a catch weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 195 pounds.

While it appears to be a case of odd matchmaking, from a weight perspective, it’s hard to complain about these two MMA legends agreeing to face each other. Unless you are a fan of divisional integrity—then this fight may leave you cringing at the prospect.

Both fighters seem to be unable to fight a permanent home. 

Franklin has fought his last two fights at 205 pounds, but before that he was a fixture at middleweight. Silva, who traditionally fights at 205 pounds, recently agreed to test himself at middleweight after going 1-4 in his last five fights.

With both fighters coming off of losses—Franklin to Dan Henderson and Silva to Quinton Jackson, each in the 205-pound division—a catch weight fight shouldn’t damage either's hopes for a title shot, as each will likely have to win a couple of fights before being considered a contender again.

It seems, in this situation, the promotion is more concerned with putting on a great fight rather than worrying about individual records.