The Intangibles of WWE Pro Wrestling Part One: Determination

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIJuly 17, 2012


One aspect of life that cannot be ignored, but embraced. Norman Vincent Peale, former minister and author, once spoke upon the thought of being determined.

If you want to go somewhere, you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up.

Often in athletics and competitions, you witness the word most used. Professional wrestling is a base for such words and actions.

I wrote a piece back in February highlighting a wrestler’s hall of fame career and what he or she had to do to reach that plateau of significance and success. The first slide I incorporated was what I like to call the “Intangibles of Pro Wrestling.” I picked three words that I found to be the most pivotal and important.

Heart, Passion and Determination are the “Intangibles of Pro Wrestling,” in my opinion. Defined as, “firmness of purpose; resoluteness,” by, determination relates to the lengths a wrestler will go to do his job and entertain the crowd.

This is a key element in improving whatever you do, as a wrestler or as a person. Watching Bryan win the World Heavyweight Championship after getting fired a year prior is a story only brought by the holy trinity of wrestling that I just mentioned. Last night, Dolph Ziggler’s long-time dream of winning the Money in the Bank briefcase finally culminated last night.

He will be World Heavyweight Champion soon, which is much deserved. Once a member of the Spirit Squad and now he is on the rise to the top.

A high spot, an iron-man match, a ladder match or a contest at the grandest stage puts determination to the test and is more or less a spectacle in the wrestling industry. There are a select few wrestlers who personify determination. Shawn Michaels, John Cena, CM Punk, Edge, the Undertaker, Bryan, Ziggler and Christian highlight the last ten years of wrestling and how much determination comes into play.

Each man listed above battled through whatever life threw at them, whether it was personal problems or otherwise, stuck through the carnage and persevered. All have written success stories. Others, however, are waiting to write theirs.

To move away from the athletic side for a just a moment, one man in particular exemplifies determination and passion for what he believes in. That man is none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Again, without Vince, there is no World Wrestling Entertainment and the phenomenon we all love today. Gone are the spectacles talked about for ages and the memories we cherish.

McMahon proved why believing in something can flourish into one great event that will change your life forever.

It isn’t all about athletes and pro sports, though. There is much more to the five-syllable word that is determination. What about the families attempting to raise their children and put them through college? It ties in with a student aggressively pursuing a goal he or she has set in school or simply in life.

Determination is solely intertwined with heroism. Not saying that each pro wrestler or human being is a hero, but in certain cases, yes, that is to be true.

Shawn Michaels is a hero in my mind. When he “lost his smile,” that was true in his personal life as well. Drugs and alcohol took down the man that was on his way to becoming the best of all time. Time off and determination brought him to the right path. It brought out the real person in Michaels, which in the final conclusion, is all that really matters.

Professional wrestling is the trickiest of sports. Yes, it is a sport. Pure athleticism cannot get you to the top alone. Shelton Benjamin is one example (not trying to hate). It takes much more than that. In most athletics, all around the world, athleticism is all you need, but the fact that wrestling includes all the intangibles makes itself an enigma.

Determination is one key determinant in not just pro wrestling, but life. It leads to success and a healthy life. Without determination, you will not prosper. That I am sure of, and many can back me up on that sentiment. Just ask Dolph Ziggler, who is projected to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Yeah, determination goes a long way.