World Football's Biggest FAILs of the Week

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterJuly 17, 2012

World Football's Biggest FAILs of the Week

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    It's not often that Lionel Messi appears in the B/R countdown of world football's biggest FAILs of the week. This week, that changes.

    Don't worry, though, Messi-heads. Even though the pint-sized maestro makes an appearance this week, it's not of his own doing.

    Confused? Keep reading to find out.

    We also have FAILs involving a ball boy, some inebriated fans, a martial-arts fan of a goalkeeper and a totally unsafe-for-work player photo.

Game On!

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    Ball boys have a dream job.

    Basically, it involves running up and down the pitch at professional football matches and making sure the players receive a new ball when the previous one leaves the pitch.

    The key phrase there is "when it leaves the pitch."

    Poor kid.

    (h/t 101 Great Goals)

Parallel Parking

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    So, guys, what would you like to do today?

    Should we go shopping? Chill at the park? Catch a movie?

    Nah, let's get faded at a football match then heckle a motorist as she tries (hilariously, it has to be said) to parallel park.

    (h/t Off The Post)

Kung Fu Keeper

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    The most amazing part of this video?

    The goalkeeper, Dida (not that one), received only a yellow card for this insane kung fu challenge.

    That, friends, is good enough for the infinite FAIL. One for the keeper and infinity for the ref.

Which Way, Samways?

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    We're thinking somebody must have been fired for this one.

    What was it? It was a picture of former Tottenham Hotspur player Vinny Samways on the official Premier League website, and thanks to the other player in the photo, it wasn't quite safe for work.

    Or life in general, for that matter.

    Want to see it? Don't say we didn't give you ample warning, because you'll probably regret looking.

    If you must, here you go.

No Messi, No Tattoo

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    Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis loves him some Lionel Messi.

    Why? Naturally, it's because Messi doesn't have any of those newfangled punk-rocker tattoos.

    No, seriously. (

    Shh, nobody tell him about this.

Own Goal

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    Everybody loves a good own goal.

    This, however, is a great own goal, courtesy of Goverla (that's a Ukrainian club) defender Evgen Eliseev.

    Your move, Messi. Think you can match that?