Manchester United: Football Club Named Most Valuable Sports Team in the World

Luis CamposAnalyst IJuly 17, 2012

The American publishing and media company Forbes announced their list of the top 50 most valuable sport franchises in the world.

The list's top 10 members included multiple popular American sports teams such as the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Dodgers and New England Patriots.

All ranked below Manchester United.

According to Forbes, the team's assets tower around $2.23 billion (19 percent more than No. 2 on the list, Real Madrid, worth $1.88 billion). 

Forbes mentions Manchester United's lucrative sponsorship as a major contributor to the team's wealth. Their sponsors include insurer Aon, who pays $31 million a year to place its logo on the team's iconic red jerseys. 

In addition to sponsors, another source of revenue for the Red Devils comes from their merchandising deals with UK Nike.

The team remains hugely popular worldwide—a fact which has prompted the Glazer family to once again offer fans the option to own a piece of the club.

The Glazers had made ownership of the club private in 2005, but will open ownership to the market in hopes of lowering the team's substantial $663 million debt. 

Click here for the full list of franchises that made the list.

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