WWE: Daniel Bryan & AJ Wedding Will Be Beautiful Disaster

Sean O'NeilSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2012

Daniel Bryan and AJ got engaged on the 999th episode of Monday Night Raw. They promptly set their wedding date for a week later at this Monday's 1,000th episode of Raw.

The wedding will be lovely. The wedding will be conducted perfectly. Nothing will go wrong and Daniel Bryan and AJ will live happily ever after as a beautiful couple in the WWE.

I'm sorry for anyone who believes in those last three sentences because there is quite simply no chance that those statements will come true.

It's literally impossible.

Weddings that happen in the WWE have never gone smoothly. Something always goes wrong and let's face it, is the WWE brass going to have a boring wedding with no conflict whatsoever on what could be the biggest episode in the show's history?

I think not.

Look back at the history of weddings in the WWE. Matt Hardy attacking Kane during Kane and Lita's wedding, Kane attacking Edge during Edge and Lita's Wedding, Triple H giving a Pedigree to Mr. McMahon at Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's Wedding vows.

Not to mention the biggest of them all, when Test and Stephanie were about to get married, Triple H came to the ring to prove that he was already married to Stephanie.

Wedding ceremonies in the WWE aren't meant to be ceremonies or celebrations, they're built to be absolute disasters.

Daniel Bryan and AJ will have no more fortune at their wedding than anyone else before them on Raw, especially because it is the 1,000th episode. The bigger the episode, the bigger the disaster.

The only real question that comes with this wedding is what will be the disaster?

Will someone interfere with the ceremony? More people may be introduced into the situation on SmackDown during Christian's "Peep Show," but who really knows. Kane could interfere or a new face such as Dean Ambrose could appear.

Or maybe no outsiders will sabotage this wedding, and either AJ or Bryan have a manipulative plan up their sleeves. Both of these characters have been extremely mischievous in the past and maybe one of them is working against the other in an attempt to gain something.

In the end, the one thing that is clear is that this wedding will not run smoothly. It will be a disaster, in one way or another, and I'm guessing that the payoff is going to be great.