Liverpool-Inter Milan: Live-r-Dream!

David JacobsCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2008

Liverpool has once again proved to Inter Milan that they can beat a top flight team without thinking about their turbulent Premiership season, speculation over Rafael Benitez's managerial position, or their embarrassing 2-1 defeat at the hands of Barnsley in the FA Cup.

Backed up by a convincing 2-0 victory at Anfield, Liverpool encroached upon Inter Milan's patch and knicked a win.

Both teams had chances to score. Babel hooked onto a deep ball by Aurelio only to be denied by Julio Cesar's quick, decisive intervention.

Inter Milan had most of their chances off free kicks near the penalty box. Luckily for Liverpool, none of them were successful.

In the 64th minute, Spanish forward Fernando Torres controlled a nicely-fed ball by Aurelio from the edge of the box and managed to take it on the chest, swivel around and strike it past Julio Cesar with two defenders crowding him.

Some Milan fans would say that the ejection of Burdisso in the 50th minute might have given Liverpool a slight advantage. However, there were plenty of bookings to go around  thanks to silly tackles that precipitated from the intensity of the match.

Liverpool deserved whatever they got from their performance.The thing to take from this match is to never look back.  The squad metaphorically said 'So what?' about their FA Cup defeat and moved on.

Here's to say "Well done" to them for their grit and determination in bringing something back to Anfield.