Improvements Should Be Made For TNA

Chad RobinsonCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

After my recent article about flaws with TNA, I decided to do an article on how I think it could improve.


Main Event: Mafia vs. Frontline

It seems that the Frontline is gone as it is now Sting vs. Angle. They had a good thing going and I would like to see this reoccur with Sting joining Frontline. This would be an incredibly fierce rivalry.


The Beautiful People

With a team made of one male and two females, you always have a recipe for success. Imagine the knockout division if they could split this team up. One Face and one heel with cute kip being on the heels side. It'd be great.


Roster Improvements

I belive TNA has a great roster but it can still do better. I believe they should hire some young guys and build the brand around them. TNA has Joe and AJ at around 29 to lead the compnay for a while and it should bring in some new guys and prepare them for the main event.


As you can see, TNA does have the roster and staff to be a great success. If they make a  few changes like I explain, I believe they can propel up the ladder even more.