Tampa Bay Buccaneers Plus Man Utd Equals $3.2 Billion

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJuly 17, 2012

Hey guys, how does $3.2 billion sound?
Hey guys, how does $3.2 billion sound?

How does $3.211 billion sound?

That's billion with a "B" as in Bucs and Manchester United.

Gotta hand it to the Glazers, these lads are pretty well-heeled. They're sitting on the most valuable sports franchise in the world, and that would be kickball team Manchester United in England's Premier League and its Premier premium of $2.23 billion, according to the bean counters over at Forbes Magazine.

The poor sister of Manchester United in the Glazer sports portfolio is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, checking in at a paltry $981 million. Add 'em up and our superior math skills get us the $3.211 billion total.

I read one website that was lamenting the fact that the Glazers will have to share more revenues from Buccaneer ticket sales by opting for the 85 percent sellout threshold. Not sure that's going to be anything budget-breaking for guys who have more than $3 billion in sports team assets.

The Buccaneers rank 29th on that Forbes list, and they are the second-most valuable team in the NFC South. The Panthers check in at a cool billion, then the Bucs at $981 million, the Saints at $965 million, then Atlanta is last at $814 million, although it is in the largest market in the division.

It seems like yesterday when Malcolm Glazer purchased these Bucs in 1995 for $192 million, which at the time set an NFL record.

I remember talking to Outback Steakhouse co-found Chris Sullivan when the team went up for sale. Sully and his partners were in at $165 million and flinched when the number went higher. They bowed out, one of the worst decisions he ever made—and he didn't make many when it came to Outback—but the football bid simply needed to be $30 million higher.

History is history, and the Glazers did deliver a Super Bowl title to Tampa.

Since then, there have been ups and downs, mostly downs, but if you put your ear to the ground, there's new enthusiasm brewing over there at One Buc Place thanks to the new Greg Schiano regime.

It's about time.


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