Trent Green Returns to the St. Louis Rams

john dmytrukCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2008

Trent Green returned to the Rams after seven years.

He played eight games for the Rams in 2000 before being replaced by Kurt Warner.  After leaving the Rams, Green played six years for the Chiefs and one year for the Dolphins. In 2004, he peaked at 369 passes in 556 attempts with 4,591 years. He left the Dolphins after playing five games before a second concussion sidelined him.

Coach Linehan feels the addition of Green completes the quarterback position for the Rams.  This may be true in the fact that Green has the potential to be a good backup for incumbent starter Marc Bulger, but that does change if you factor in the two concussions. 

If Green plays, he faces the risk of another head injury and permanent brain damage.  He does not only face this risk in a game but also in practice. The Rams should rethink this move.