WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Results: Tyson Kidd and Stars Who Excelled in Losses

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJuly 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

With so few matches on Sunday's Money in the Bank card, there was only a select number of superstars that had the opportunity to go over. A victory isn't always necessary when it comes to giving wrestlers a lift, however. There were several competitors who were quite impressive on Sunday and that should bode well for them moving forward.

Money in the Bank ladder matches in particular are great for showcasing talent that may not be apparent on a regular basis. That was most definitely true this past weekend as many participants were able to show off their unique talents in a dangerous and entertaining environment.

Here are three superstars that lost on Sunday, but should be just fine in the near future thanks to their solid overall performances.



Tyson Kidd

Most expected Tyson Kidd to put on a show in the World Heavyweight Championship contract Money in the Bank ladder match and he didn't disappoint. The final graduate of the famed Hart Dungeon showed off his superior in-ring skills as he was responsible for many of the match's most intense spots. While some thought he had a true chance to win, it was quite apparent that he really didn't. His main purpose was to play the Shelton Benjamin role as the guy who executes a bunch of jaw-dropping moves and he was perfect in that regard.

The move of the night may have been when Kidd tipped a ladder toward one that was already set up and delivered a devastating rolling powerbomb to Dolph Ziggler. Kidd's athleticism was on full display, and while he wasn't receiving much television time in the months prior to Money in the Bank, perhaps his showing earned him a push of some kind.



Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan may not have been in a Money in the Bank ladder match, but he was in one of the night's best matches as he took of CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Punk ultimately retained, but the match lasted nearly a half hour and featured a great mix of technical wrestling, brawling, aerial attacks and weapon usage since it became a no-disqualification contest. It appears that Bryan might be moving away from the WWE Championship scene after his proposal to AJ on Monday, but he acquitted himself quite well at Money in the Bank.

Bryan may not have come away with the WWE Championship, but he has proven over the course of his feud with Punk that he is deserving of a main-event spot and is likely a future WWE Champion. Bryan put on a fantastic bout against Punk as he always does and showed a viciousness and ferocity that is becoming of a top heel. When you add to that the great work he has done with regards to promos recently, the WWE brass has to be very happy with him right now.




When he debuted the night after WrestleMania, it looked like Tensai was going to be a big deal and a possible world title contender from the get go. He scored wins over both John Cena and CM Punk, but he failed to get over with the fans and his push was promptly derailed. Tensai has been in flux over the past several weeks and engaged in a mini feud with Kidd heading into Money in the Bank. Tensai wasn't victorious, but I was particularly impressed with him in the ladder match setting.

Tensai isn't the most athletic guy and he isn't capable of doing high-risk moves off ladders, but he brought some necessary muscle to the party. There were some times where he looked a bit sloppy, but Tensai looked like a true threat and may have saved his floundering career. He was powerbombing guys off ladders, he powerbombed Sin Cara onto a ladder and he threw Ziggler over the announce table in one of the sickest spots you'll ever see. I really liked what I saw from Tensai on Sunday, so maybe there is hope for him yet.


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