NFC North Daily: Hot Breakfast Links for July 17, 2012

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2012

We had good news for Bears fans, but not as wonderful news for Lions fans yesterday. Matt Forte signed (which I believe is a good move for both parties) while Avril did not (which, if reports are true and he left what he did on the table, might be a bad idea).

That said, Avril is a vet, and if he skips part of camp and then signs his tender, things should be OK.

I am always leery of players missing camp though—they often end up hurt. Not always—but often.

Anyway, on to the links! 

Detroit Lions

Lions defensive end Cliff Avril ended Monday without a long-term deal but Justin Rogers says it's not like he didn't have an offer—he reportedly walked away from a three year, $30 million deal (MLive).

The result of Avril not getting whatever he wanted is that he moves to the next phase of the 'Irritated Player Handbook':  skipping out on training camp. According to Anwar Richardson, he intimated it was a strong possibility last night on NFL Total Access. 

Green Bay Packers

Zach Kruse talks about reports stating full back John Kuhn might not be 100 percent in training camp and what that could mean.

ESPN Milwaukee's Jason Wilde (not WILD, WILD-E) discusses Aaron Rodgers rising value and how the Packers might want to lock him up now before it gets too pricey. 

Minnesota Vikings

Ted Glover of The Daily Norseman takes a stab at determining the final 53-man roster.

Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune names five new players who make a difference this season. 

Chicago Bears

Newly minted Featured Columnist Will Grant predicts the Bears' team award winners for this upcoming season. He also weighs in on the Forte signing.

Tom Waddle jumped on Mike and Mike in the Morning to talk Forte, Cutler and more.  

Jeff Dickerson jumped on SportsCenter to talk about how the Bears and Forte reached a deal.  

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