Tom Glavine And Bad Milk, Hard to Throw Away But Definitely Not Worth The Risk

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2009

The Atlanta Braves are seeking to sign veteran pitcher Tom Glavine to a one-year deal reportedly worth somewhere around $4.5 million. The 42 year old only played 13 games last year due to injury, and had just two wins.

Glavine has played 17 of his 22 seasons with the Braves, and has accumulated 305 career wins – definitely an impressive stat. He was undeniably a great pitcher; two CY Young Awards, a World Series MVP award, a World Series win (1995) and a 10-time All-Star… but times they are a changin’.

Rehabbing from an injury at the age of 42 is extremely difficult, and I’d be especially surprised if Glavine can still contribute…although I don’t know if I would want his contributions if he is going to post another 5.54 ERA and 2-4 record like he did last season.

The Braves have expressed interest in pursuing Ken Griffey Jr. It would be in their best interest to save their money, let Glavine go and try to lock up Griffey Jr. Bad milk is bad milk…just because you spent money on it doesn’t mean you need to try and force that last bowl of cereal. Throw it out.

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