WWE 1000 Raw: Who Will Interrupt Daniel Bryan and AJ's Wedding?

Max TowleAnalyst IJuly 17, 2012

Image via Salon.com
Image via Salon.com

On Monday July 23, Daniel Bryan and AJ cordially invite us to tune in to a wedding ceremony that will surely be both lavish and decadent.

Having become engaged on Monday's Raw, the couple has only a week to look forward to the event, but is certain that the ceremony will take place without a hitch.

They could not be more wrong.

WWE weddings are not typically known for going smoothly, and this one will certainly prove no exception.

In fact, recalling the some of the company's most recent ceremonies, the term "disastrous" barely does them credit.

There was the unholy union of Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon, Triple H drugging Steph and taking her to Vegas, Triple H giving Vince a pedigree at his wedding with Steph, Billy and Chuck (enough said), Lita having weddings with Kane and Edge broken up by Matt Hardy and a couple of forgettable, unsuccessful nuptials on NXT.

So the only question left to ask is—what craziness will occur next Monday?

Or more to the point—who will interrupt?

Let's look at the contenders.

There's CM Punk—the third wheel in the recent love triangle.

However, I think we can rule him out due to him having bigger fish to fry in John Cena later in the night.

Or how about Edge himself, who is rumored to return at the show (via Wrestlinginc.com)?

My personal choice for who I would like to see ruin the wedding is newcomer Dean Ambrose, who surely deserves a big platform to make his first WWE appearance.

But whatever happens, when the words "If anyone objects to this marriage, let them speak now" are spoken, don't be surprised if the silence is broken by entrance music and the roar of a crowd that is less than enthusiastic about WWE's new power couple.


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