A "LEGACY" of His Own

S. CoeContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

We've all seen Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase better known as "LEGACY" in action. The group is built of second and third-generation superstars straining to build a name for themselves on their own.

It appears, however that the only one in this group truly building a legacy is Randy Orton.

The past few weeks have shown Orton stirring up trouble with the McMahons. The punt to Vince McMahon, the vicious attack backstage on Shane where Orton looked to have the idea of punting Stephanie, the No Holds Barred match at No Way Out vs. Shane McMahon, and the latest and possibly most horrific attack: the punt to Shane McMahon and unexpected RKO to Stephanie.

But what kind of a name are Rhodes and DiBiase building for themselves?

Other than assisting Orton in attacks on superstars, or assisting him to the ring where they contribute to his win, Rhodes and DiBiase haven't much accomplished anything for themselves besides a few tag team wins against mid-card wrestlers.

Its also very apparent that Randy Orton seems to be absent during most of Ted DiBiase's and Cody Rhodes' matches. You never see him assist them to the ring or interfere in their matches assisting in a win.

What you have seen, however, is Randy Orton watching on as Shane McMahon delivered a brutal Coast to Coast on Ted DiBiase, and running from the ring while Shane assaulted both Rhodes and Dibiase with a Kindo stick.

Its seems to me that "LEGACY" is not a group of superstars building a name for themselves but a name for one: Randy Orton.