Why A Donovan McNabb Trade Would Make Sense

Nick LewellenContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

A Donovan McNabb trade to the Minnesota Vikings would make perfect sense in my mind for three reasons: 1. Brad Childress, 2. Mentor for T-Jack, and 3. All the pieces would be in place for a Super Bowl.

1. Brad Childress: The current head coach for the Minnesota Vikings, Brad Childress, was the former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and coached Donovan McNabb from the start of his career in Philly. With his stay in Philly dwindling down, it could be enticing to come play for his former coach.

2. Mentor to T-Jack: If McNabb does come to Minnesota, he could help mold Tarvaris Jackson into a better quarterback. McNabb and Jackson share the same playing style and with the immobility of Frerotte, McNabb would be the perfect suitor to guide T-Jack on his journey throughout the NFL.

3. All the Pieces would be in place for a Super Bowl: Let's face it, being a Vikings fan, I have seen let downs in my life. But with the addition of McNabb at quarterback, I honestly believe that the Vikings would take it all. They have a superior defense, an amazing offense line, finally people to throw to, oh yeah, and a guy whogoes by the name of Adrian Peterson.

T-Jack came on strong in the final weeks, but he choked in the playoffs. I do believe that Jackson can develop into a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, but with McNabb there, it would be a for sure development.

The Vikings could easily give up a draft pick or two recieve a top quality starting quarterback.